Gallery: U.S. Tennis Association Will Recycle 94 Tons of Waste During t...

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Tennis balls, rackets, and Nike sweatbands are staples when you think about tennis. But ever wonder what happens to all those tennis ball cans once the games are over? Or how about all the garbage left around after the events? During the 2011 U.S. Open, approximately 94 tons of plastic, metal, glass and cardboard will be collected and recycled, along with an estimated 20,000 tennis ball cans. The United States Tennis Association, in an effort to make the U.S. Open an “environmentally responsible and eco friendly event,” launched a program back in 2008 to effectively collect and recycle reusable material. So far, the program has been a huge success and will continue to be implemented at this year’s Open, currently taking place at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, Queens.

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