Uhuru’s New Sustainable Showroom Brings Beauty and Elegance to Red Hook

by , 11/03/11

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Uhuru’s latest War Craft Line is constructed from reclaimed teak wood from the deck of the former USS North Carolina. The battleship found its form in the 1930s in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and was used in World War II. Its rich history is uniquely incorporated into each of the designs. The furniture collection simultaneously pays homage to those who serve while acknowledging the scale of modern war craft with its inherent destructive tendencies.

Fans of Uhuru Design can be sure that their purchases are one of a kind. With a set supply of teak from the USS North Carolina, limited editions of twenty are produced of each design and vary slightly in color and grain. They are durable and incorporate aluminum or steel, adding strength and serving as a reminder of the industrial past that greatly shaped this country.

Together, Tania Johnson and Uhuru’s designs bring life to the industrial space with light, texture and pattern. A visit to the showroom demonstrates that careful consideration of history and place can inspire not only unique product designs but also revive spaces that have long been under used.

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Images © Amanda Silvana Coen for Inhabitat