Urban Umbrella: UrbanSHED Competition Unveils the Winning Prototype

by , 07/29/11
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After winning the competition, the design team took their 2D and 3D plans to Brooklyn-based Caliper Studio, which specializes in metal work. The studio engineered and optimized the design for cost, structural integrity and parts, resulting in a modular umbrella that can be custom installed to meet the site. Steel parts make up the basic structure of the shed, which is supported by leveling feet, unlike the older sheds that use wooden blocks as supports. Two different sized sheds will be made available – one for heavy-duty construction and one for lightweight applications, defined as buildings less than six stories.

The top of the final shed will be covered in translucent high-density polycarbonate sheets, which will let in light down to the sidewalk. These sheets are fireproof and rated for 300 pounds per square foot, which is like dropping a brick from 300 feet high. At night, LED SMD (surface mount device) lights will illuminate the sheds, providing visibility and decreasing the sketch factor one feels when walking through one at night. Overall, the shed not only improves protection from construction, but also improves safety for pedestrians – and we should also mention that they look a whole heck of a lot better.

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Images ©Agencie Group and Samantha Modell/DOB