Winners of ENYA’s Harlem Edge Urban Agriculture Design Competition Showcased at New Exhibit

by , 07/26/12
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image ©SWARM

The third place entry, Harlem Harvest by Tyler Caine, Ryan Doyle, and Guido Elgueta, is an energy and resource-positive complex that houses hydroponic agricultural environments and floating community gardens, providing agricultural education and produce to Harlem residents. The student prize was awarded to Stairway to Harlem by Daniel Mowery from the University of Virginia. His proposal consists of an educational campus where knowledge is shared about various forms of agriculture, food vending, and health and nutrition. At the water’s edge sits a sustainable shipping port. The whole system is connected to existing waterfront infrastructure such as River bank State Park.

Through its biennial competitions such as Harlem Edge: Cultivating Connections, The Emerging New York Architects Committee hopes to stimulate the minds of young architects to creatively tackle today’s principal urban issues. By publicly showcasing the best entries to this competition, the group pushes the dialogue about issues such as food production and adaptive reuse of defunct infrastructure to the forefront of the profession, encouraging a more complete dialogue about the opportunities and responsibilities facing New York City’s architects today.

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