Gallery: Zone Green Amendments by DCP Promote Sustainability for NYC’s ...

©Leonel Lima Ponce for Inhabitat

This week, New York’s Department of City Planning released Zone Green, a set of proposed amendments to the city’s zoning resolution designed to remove obstacles to erecting green features in the city’s built environment. These amendments, available for public comment and review, give designers, architects, and engineers greater freedom when contemplating green roofs, energy-efficient walls, alternative energy, and other sustainable measures. For years zoning impediments, especially to building envelopes and rooftop uses and access, represented one of the major hurdles to more efficient and sustainable construction projects and building retrofits in this city. Now, thanks to almost two years of work by a committee of construction and sustainability experts, these restrictions are beginning to be lifted. For a peek at the most prominent proposed changes to the city’s zoning ordinance, read on!

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