Impossible Electric Bike Folds Up Small Enough to Fit in a Backpack

by , 11/21/14

green design, eco design, sustainable design , electric bicycle, Impossible Bicycle, Impossible Technology, fold up bike

Impossible Technology just unveiled a bike commuter’s dream – an electric bike that can fold up small enough to fit inside a backpack! The Impossible Bicycle ensures even weight distribution for a comfortable ride, it’s powered by rechargeable batteries, and it can travel 45 minutes on a single charge.

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Solar Impulse to Start Around the World Flight from Abu Dhabi Next Year

Solar Impulse, Solar transportation, solar cells, Bertrand Piccard, Andre Borschberg, energy, world flight, perpetual motion, news, masdar, abu dhabi

The first attempt at an around the world flight powered completely by solar cells will be setting off from Abu Dhabi in March 2015, according to the team behind Solar Impulse. With a 63 meter wing span, the Solar Impulse 2 plane took its first flight in 2009 and has been smashing records every since — this latest being the ultimate prize the team hopes to win in 2015.

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Prefab Timber Nursing Home Uses Passive Design to Bring Light and Warmth Indoors

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Can Biomimicry Inspire Smarter Companies? Help Kickstart This Book!

by , 11/21/14
filed under: Animals, biomimicry, Books

Super Organizations, Tamsin Woolley Barker, Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker, Biomimicry manual, Super Organizations: Nature’s Game-Changing Guide To Faster, Smarter, More Valuable Companies, Kickstarter campaigns, Kickstarter books, self-publishing, nature inspiration, natural collaborators, bee hives, ant colonies, biomimicry, Woolley-Barker book,

Regular Inhabitat readers will know and love Inhabitat’s Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker, who writes the incredible Biomimicry Manual series. Dr. Woolley-Barker has been writing a bio-inspired book all about how nature would run a company, called Super Organizations: Nature’s Game-Changing Guide To Faster, Smarter, More Valuable Companies. The book talks about how nature’s collaborators like ant colonies and bee hives work together to create organizations – and it shows how we can learn from them to better our own. But in order to get the book off the ground, Dr. Woolley-Barker is looking for a little help. Her Kickstarter campaign ends in just four days and is just a few hundred dollars short of its final goal. Help make this brilliant book a reality – and maybe even change the way we think about running our companies – by making a donation at Kickstarter.



INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Ways to Create a Spectacular DIY Holiday Tree

6 Ways to Make a DIY Tree

You don’t need to hack down a pine or fir tree to decorate your home or office this holiday season: this infographic offers 6 different ideas for fabulous DIY holiday trees that you can create to spruce up your space. From a veggie-licious tree made of crudites (great for the annual holiday office party—just add dip) to chalkboard drawings and hanging globes, these festive installations are perfect for inspiring some holiday cheer. Ditch the dead trees and get creative this season… and if you do create your own tree-like display, let us know!

+ Good to Be Home

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Beyond Extreme Energy: Protesting at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in DC


It’s cold outside. I forgot my gloves and now it’s time to go. The arrestees practice outside the church, locking themselves into their lockboxes, as I pretend a nearby flowering plant is a security guard. I’m the distraction and I need to give them at least 30 seconds or it won’t work. After practicing the scenario, we get into our cars and head to the parking garage to try it for real. We’re about to join a huge protest, and things could get intense.

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New "Polar Code" Signed to Protect Polar Regions as Shipping Increases

Polar code 1

The International Maritime Organization has just signed off on an International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters, more simply known as the Polar Code. This was developed in response to already increasing shipping activity in the polar regions, which is expected to grow further in the Arctic in particular due to reductions in sea ice. New shipping lanes are opening, making it necessary to adopt measures to protect sailors and passengers in such dangerous conditions, as well as to protect the vulnerable polar regions from environmental disasters.

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High-End Indigenus Planters are Made of Sustainably Sourced Materials

by , 11/21/14

Indigenus, Peter van der Post, planter, contemporary planters, high end planters, natural materials, sustainably sourced timber, limestone, reader submitted content

Design entrepreneur Peter van der Post developed Indigenus, a line of beautifully crafted high-end planters that can stand alone as works of art, even without a botanical occupant. Designed by award-winning South African designers, the Indigenus line is constructed from hardy, natural materials such as sustainably sourced timber and limestone, and can hold up to exterior applications. Master joiners and artisans handcraft each planter, in a bid to preserve design integrity and local production authenticity.

+ Indigenus

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Are You Ready for the Blackout Epidemic Coming Our Way?

by , 11/21/14
filed under: News

blackout, blackouts, epidemic, power, failure, energy, usage, sustainable, byrd, matthewman, auckland, univerity, lincoln university

A new study shows extreme weather events and increasing usage of unconventional fossil fuels will leave national energy grids unable to keep up with increasing demands for energy, Motherboard reports. Research published by the Journal of Urban Technology in September reveals that 50 major power outages have happened in 26 countries over the past 10 years. Over that same period the number of blackouts in America had affected 50,000 people and more than doubled. The main causes of these outages are rapid population growth in big cities combined with a growing “addiction” to power-hungry lifestyles that depend on electricity.

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Scientists Identify Virus that is Wiping Out Thousands of Starfish on the Pacific Coast

by , 11/21/14
filed under: Animals, climate change, News

sea stars dying, Sea Star Associated Densovirus, SSaDV, sea star dying, starfish dying, starfish virus, starfish wasting disease, starfish populations, sea star populations, Sea Star Virus, Sea star virus, sea star wasting disease,

A horrifying disease is making thousands of Starfish in the pacific ocean rip themselves apart, and the cause has left scientists baffled – until now. A team of researchers was recently able to isolate the virus, and they are calling it Sea Star Associated Densovirus (SSaDV). The pathogen was identified after eliminating bacteria, protozoans and fungi as possible culprits.

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Design a Building to Help Thailand Become ASEAN's Fashion Capital--Win Up to $10K in Prizes

by , 11/21/14
filed under: Design Competitions

ASEAN, Thailand, Bangkok, ASEAN Fashion Capital, HMMD, Homemade dessert, architecture competition, design competition

The ASEAN Economic Community–Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia–are locked in a fierce competition for the title as ASEAN Fashion Capital–and Bangkok wants your help. Introducing the BANGKOK: IAM FASHION HUB, this international competition organized by Homemade Dessert (HMMD) asks architects, architecture students, and architecture enthusiasts to submit their architectural visions for a regional ASEAN Fashion Hub based in the Thai capital. Designs should celebrate Bangkok’s identity, while providing the facilities to present local and international collections in a distinctive landmark building design. HMMD will award a total of $10,000 in prize money to the competition winners. There are no plans to build the winning design. Late registration ends February 25, 2015 and the submission deadline is March 16, 2015.

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House Passes Bill that Prohibits Expert Scientific Advice to the EPA

by , 11/20/14
filed under: News, Policy, Politics

EPA bills 2

While everyone’s attention was focused on the Senate and the Keystone XL decision on Tuesday, some pretty shocking stuff was quietly going on in the House of Representatives. The GOP-dominated House passed a bill that effectively prevents scientists who are peer-reviewed experts in their field from providing advice — directly or indirectly — to the EPA, while at the same time allowing industry representatives with financial interests in fossil fuels to have their say. Perversely, all this is being done in the name of “transparency.”

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Eurostar Unveils Blazing Fast 200 MPH Train for 20th Anniversary

Eurostar, e320, high-speed rail, fast trains, Chunnel, St. Pancras, London, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Pininfarina, Siemens

High-speed rail service Eurostar just got a lot faster and better looking. Set to launch by the end of 2015, the company’s sleek new e320 train will carry passengers crossing the Chunnel from England to France en route to Brussels or Paris at a top speed of 200 mph (320 kph). Eurostar held a press conference last week at London’s St. Pancras Station to announce the new train in celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary. The 17-train fleet is designed by Italian transport design studio Pininfarina, which has worked with car manufacturers Ferrari and Maserati, and built by Siemens.

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Paris Officials Veto Herzog & de Meuron's Triangle Skyscraper

by , 11/20/14

green design, eco design, sustainable design , triangular architecture, Herzog & de Meuron, triangular skyscraper, Tour Triangle, Mayor Anne Hidalgo

Parisian city council officials have voted against Herzog & de Mueron’s Tour Triangle – a proposed triangular skyscraper that would be the French capital’s third largest structure. City councils deemed the 180 meter tower too modern for the Parisian skyline, but the city’s Mayor Anne Hidalgo says that the fight is not over and is urging a second vote. Tour Triangle, which was first proposed in 2008, would create 3,000 jobs as well as 85,000 square meters of office space spread vertically.

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2015 BMW i3 Wins 'Green Car of the Year' at the Los Angeles Auto Show

green car, green transportation, green car journal, green car of the year, los angeles auto show, BMW, BMW i3, BMW electric car

Green Car Journal just announced its 11th annual Green Car of the Year award at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and this year’s winner is… the 2015 BMW i3! The i3 impressed the jury with its all-electric driving range and zero-emission powertrain – and the occasion marks the first time that an electric vehicle has received Green Car Journal’s award.

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Renovated Apartment in Barcelona Boasts Flexible Wooden Walls and Gorgeous Mosaic Floors

Renovated Apartment in Barcelona Boasts Flexible Wooden Walls and…

The architects removed the existing internal walls and replaced them with a flexible system of wooden partitions that slide across the apartment and divide private and public spaces.…

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Nurturing Kids and Community in a Refurbished 100-Year-Old Japanese House

Nurturing Kids and Community in a Refurbished 100-Year-Old Japanese…

Most of us remember our favorite childhood playgrounds, where families got together to socialize and kids had the opportunity to run around and play. Many urban areas are noticeably…

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Petition: Don't Put a Climate Change Denier in Charge of U.S. Environmental Policy!

Petition: Don't Put a Climate Change Denier in Charge of U.S.…

When Senate majority is handed to the GOP, a Republican will become the chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee. And Senator Jim Inhofe, one of the most outspoken climate…

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DIY: A Cordial Event – How to Make Your Own Flavored Liqueurs at Home

DIY: A Cordial Event – How to Make Your Own Flavored Liqueurs at…

'Tis the season for celebration, and luscious libations will be popping on on everyone's tables from Thanksgiving 'til Valentine's day. This is the time of year when specialty liqueurs…

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NASA Charts Real-Time Carbon Emissions in Ultra High-Resolution Climate Model (VIDEO)

NASA Charts Real-Time Carbon Emissions in Ultra High-Resolution… NASA just launched a new high-resolution computer model that gives a stunning look at the yearly movement of carbon emissions through the…

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