James Cameron designs five huge flower-shaped solar arrays to power his wife's sustainable school

solar energy, James Cameron gives flower-shaped solar arrays to school, solar design, flower-shaped solar array, solar energy, green schools,  solar panels, James Cameron,  MUSE School

Blockbuster director James Cameron has added a new entry to the code of the language of flowers. By gifting his wife, Suzy Amis Cameron, a “bunch” of five solar arrays shaped like giant flowers for her MUSE School in southern California, he not only demonstrated his love for her, but his love for the planet as well. Cameron designed the solar arrays himself over the course of three years. Just like sunflowers, they pivot to face the moving sun to maximize the solar energy they can absorb each day. At an unveiling ceremony for the Sun Flowers, as they are named, Cameron explained, “I thought we should try to do something that inspires because this is about kids. Once you capture their imagination and empower them, they can do anything.”




The Cube-Shaped Flotane is a Solar-Powered Rest Stop For Hikers in Norway

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This $129 foot-powered clothes washer is now available for pre-order in the U.S.

drumi washer, foot pedal washer, washing machine, off grid washer, off grid washing machine, no electricity washer, people powered washer, yirego washer, drum washer

A people-powered washing machine is a dream come true for some who live in remote areas, off-the-grid or in places where a washer and dryer are a hike to get to. The Drumi is reminiscent of the GiraDora, a foot-pedal washing machine prototype that never came to market in the U.S. Now, the Drumi is available for sale.

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Rent a herd of goats on Amazon to mow your lawn

amazon, lawncare, goat grazing, herd of goats, hiring goats, renting goats, where to rent goats, natural lawncare, natural lawn mowing

Amazon never ceases to amaze us with their product and service offerings. Sure, they started out as a speedy way to get cheap books, but those days are a faint memory as their lineup has expanded to include groceries, streaming movies, and a host of other necessities and not-so-necessary things. Now, you can turn to Amazon for your lawncare needs as well, using their Hire a Goat Grazer service to rent a herd of goats to mow your lawn.

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L’Oreal to begin 3D-printing human skin

by , 05/24/15
filed under: Ecouterre

L’oreal, L’Oreal 3d print skin, 3D printing skin, 3D print human skin, organovo

Cosmetics company L’Oreal has teamed up with Organovo, a bioengineering startup, to 3D-print human skin—a move that may at first sound unsettling, but actually comes as no big surprise. The French beauty firm has been growing skin since the 1980s to use in animal-free cosmetics testing. With the advent of 3D-printing technology, however, L’Oreal can speed up the process—current skin culture technology can take up to a week to complete—and make it more affordable.



This water-filled lamp makes it rain in your home

Rain Lamp by Richard Clarkson Studio, Rain Lamp by Richard Clarkson Studio, rain lamp, ripple lamp, water lamp, water balloon lamp, drip lamp, projection lamp, Wanted Design, Richard Clarkson

If you thought water and lighting are two things that should never meet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this mesmerizing new “Rain Lamp” by designer Richard Clarkson. The nature-inspired Rain Lamp uses a pump system to circulate water through a glass globe, allowing for a slow, steady drip of droplets that are projected by light onto surrounding surfaces. The steady drip of the lamp results in a mesmerizing ripple effect on your floor. Read on to see a short video of this unique light in action.

Rain Lamp from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

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Six of the largest school districts in the US are ditching polystyrene

polystyrene, eco friendly school, eco friendly food, eco friendly cafeteria, eco friendly schools, eco friendly food trays, eco friendly plates, styrofoam, styrofoam alternatives, schools ditching styrofoam

Six of the largest school districts in the nation announced that they are ditching polystyrene trays (more commonly known as styrofoam) for eco-friendly compostable plates. The move is the result of a years long effort to get schools to introduce environmentally friendly options into our schools and it will not only be better for the environment, but it will help educate kids about the importance of making sustainable choices.



Sunshine in a Bottle: Consol's Solar Jar Captures the Sun's Rays and Lights Up at Night

by , 05/23/15

Consol, Consol solar jar, bottled sunshine, preserve jar, south africa, glass, sustainable design, eco design, green design, LED lighting, green lighting, outdoor lighting, sustainable lighting

There are all kinds of awesome sustainable lighting projects illuminating the planet these days but we have developed a new soft spot for the Consol Solar Jar from South Africa. A clever solar panel fitted onto the jar’s lid absorbs solar energy during the day and when the sun goes down, the little LED light inside the jar is ready to be switched on.

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Ingrid Siliakus Creates Intricately Layered Architectural Models Using Just One Sheet of Paper

by , 05/23/15
filed under: Architecture, Art, gallery

Move to Trash

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Now you can carry around your own pop-up hotel room with Travelbox

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28 inspiring lighting designs from New York Design Week

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6 Amazing Green Treetop Paradises for Sustainable Living

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This woman is rowing 6,000 miles from Japan to San Francisco without any support

sonya baumstein ocean crossing, japan to san francisco row boat crossing, ocean row boat crossing, crossing the ocean by row boat, NASA ocean crossing

No sail, no motor, just a strong woman and her arms, for 6,000 nautical miles from Japan to San Francisco. Sonya Baumstein is a 28-year-old Florida native who is preparing to row her way from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco, California, in a rowboat. She will embark any day now, as soon as the weather gives her a clear path. Oh yeah, and she’s doing it alone, without a support vessel, because she “likes the challenge.”

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California farmers to voluntarily cut water usage by 25 percent

california farmers, water cuts, california drought, california voluntary water cuts, delta farmers water cuts, voluntary farm water cuts, sacramento san joaquin delta farmers, gov. jerry brown, water restrictions

As California’s drought deepens, state regulators just accepted a historic offer by a group of farmers to voluntarily reduce their water usage by 25 percent. Farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta are giving up some of the water that is historically theirs to use, so long as the state does not impose deeper mandatory cuts in the future. The delta is a major part of California’s water system, and the fertile land around it produces nearly half of the fruits and vegetables grown in the United States.

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Solar-powered Ecocapsule lets you live off-the-grid anywhere in the world

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California Assembly votes to ban all products with toxic plastic microbeads

California Assembly votes to ban all products with toxic plastic…

California has just voted in favor of what could become the strictest ban in the U.S. on all products that contain plastic microbeads—the tiny gritty flecks found in a wide array of…

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This Star Wars retrofitted R2D2 Volkswagen van is just the droid you're looking for

This Star Wars retrofitted R2D2 Volkswagen van is just the droid…

The classic Volkswagen Camper Van has been given custom paint jobs for almost as long as it's been around; admittedly the vast majority by the free-loving, tie-dyed and Deadhead crowds.…

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Gianluca Gelmini transforms a medieval tower into a modern library space in Italy

Gianluca Gelmini transforms a medieval tower into a modern library…

The building dates back to medieval times when it functioned as a fortified structure. As part of a restoration project the old stone structure was restored and renovated in order to…

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This solar-powered 'water ATM' provides fresh drinking water in troubled areas

This solar-powered 'water ATM' provides fresh drinking water in…

Pakistan is short on water, but soon, you can scan a card and get water, right out of the ATM. What’s better is that the ATM’s are solar-powered. The card is given to those who need…

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This stunning Argentinian house is buried under a sacred Patagonian site

This stunning Argentinian house is buried under a sacred Patagonian…

According to the architects, the house stands on a religious Bariloche site, where natives used to hold Smoke ceremonies by burning green leafs as an offering to the gods. When the…

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