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Philips Develops World’s First AC-Powered OLED

Posted By Ariel Schwartz On September 10, 2010 @ 3:58 pm In Design,Green Lighting | 2 Comments

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Philips reached a new milestone in OLED [2] lighting this week: the first AC-powered OLED module. In the past, OLED technology required DC voltage — a requirement that meant OLED panels [3] had to contain expensive switching mechanisms. But the new AC-powered OLEDs can be plugged directly into a standard wall socket, potentially bringing down the cost of the low-energy lights.

philips, oled, led, lighting, lights, ac, dc, sustainable design, green design, energy efficient lighting [4]

In addition to making OLED lights cheaper, Philips [5]‘ advancement purportedly increases design freedom, improves end-design reliability, and allows OLEDs [6] to come to market more quickly.

OLEDs [3] are still too expensive for commercial lighting, but Philips’ discovery might just change that. And once ultra-attractive OLEDs [7] become cheap enough for mass consumption, few people will complain about the death of incandescent bulbs [8].

+ Philips [9]

Via Engadget [10]

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