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The 100MPG Electric Hummer H3

Posted By Jorge Chapa On April 28, 2009 @ 9:00 am In Green Transportation,Innovation | 11 Comments

100mpg hummer, raser technologies, 100 miles per gallon, hybrid hummer, hybrid h3 hummer [1]

At the Society of Automotive Engineers [2]‘ recent world congress in Detroit, hybrid engine developer Raser Technologies [3] unveiled a whopper — a plug-in, extended-range Hummer [4] powered by Raser’s E-REV power train engine. Yes, you read that right – an electric Hummer [5] H3 that has 268 hp, a 40 mile all-electric range, and a fuel efficiency of over 100 mpg.

100mpg hummer, raser technologies, 100 miles per gallon, hybrid hummer, hybrid h3 hummer

Beating the Toyota Prius [6] is like finding the holy grail for car manufacturers, but few would’ve expected this announcement. According to Raser, the fully functional electric [7] H3 (which, we should note, is only in the demo phase at this point) gets 100mpg — provided that a person doesn’t drive farther than 40 miles. Once it travels beyond that range the vehicle’s fuel efficiency [8] drops dramatically [9], though it’s still better than a standard Hummer.

The electric H3 is quite impressive, and certainly the range Hummer and Raser have achieved is headline-worthy. But we can’t help but wonder why you would ever need such a vehicle in the first place. The size and materials involved alone make it incredibly environmentally unfriendly, and there’s hardly a need for it in urban areas.

+ Raser Technologies [3]

Via Physorg [4]

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