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Scientists Grow Human Bones from Liposuctioned Fat

Posted By Sarah Parsons On March 30, 2010 @ 9:02 am In Design,Design for Health,Green Technology,Innovation,Social Design | 4 Comments

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Growing plants can be tricky enough, but growing bones seems altogether impossible. Yet that’s exactly what scientists at Columbia University [1] recently accomplished. A group led by Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic recently used stem cells and liposuctioned fat to grow — yes, grow — actual human bones [2]. Once the process is perfected, it could eliminate the need for titanium bone replacements and painful bone grafts.

To create a particular bone, researchers use digital images to direct a machine to carve a bone replica, or scaffold. Scientists place the scaffold in a bioreactor and add in human cells from bone marrow or liposuctioned fat. Adding in oxygen, growth hormones, sugar and nutrients allow the cells to flourish, eventually growing into bone [2]. By using this process, scientists can create an exact copy of any bone in the human body.

The lab breakthrough is a huge step forward for bone-replacement procedures. Being able to grow any bone from actual human tissue [2] could eliminate the need for bone grafts [3], a painful procedure that requires harvesting bone samples from other parts of the body. Growing human bones could also replace titanium bone implants [4], which aren’t as biocompatible as human tissue.

Researchers say they’ll test the grown bones [2]in animals and a few humans, and the process may be used in hospitals within the next decade.

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