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Self-sustaining BioEnergy Domes Produce Organic Veggies, Fish and Energy!

Posted By Lori Zimmer On July 17, 2011 @ 11:50 pm In Architecture,Botanical,carousel showcase,Design,Environment,Features,Gallery,Renewable Energy | 7 Comments

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Pacific Domes has already installed a BioEnergy Dome that helps feed and supply energy to the residents of the Navajo Indian Reservation in Naatani, Arizona. The interior hosts a fresh pond, which provides water to a multitude of plant trays stacked throughout the dome. Each day, the dome farm [6] produces around 11 lbs of fresh, organic, chemical-free produce.

The pond is thick with duckweed and algae [7], which feeds the fish within. Since algae have incredible filtering properties, the entire system is self-cleaning, and therefore chemical-free. The fish produced are clean, organic, and plentiful – the dome produces around 100-150 pounds of fish each year. The algae in the pond can alternatively be used to treat greywater [8] instead of for farming, removing contaminants from laundry, dishwashing and other household processes.

Aside from producing vegetables, the domes produce plants that are converted into energy [9] using a methane digester. The methane is then converted into kilowatt energy, which can be used to power a generator. Duckweed and algae also harness solar energy, converting it to biofuel [10]. The dome can create enough bio-fuel to power one home each day.

Because the domes are so aerodynamic, wind harvesting is easy as well – the domes are a true powerhouse of sustainable design. The domes can also be used for events, overnight retreats, or meetings – and can be constructed virtually anywhere.

+ Pacific Domes [11]

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