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Sennheiser’s New Eco Turntables Are Easy on the Eyes, Ears, and Environment

Posted By Molly Cotter On September 6, 2011 @ 5:20 pm In green gadgets,Green Products,Innovation | 1 Comment

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Sennheiser is one of the most iconic names in the audio [1] and electronic [2] business Рeveryone from the Beatles to Beyonce have used their microphones, headphones [3], and speakers. In an attempt to connect their classic brand to the young [4] and hip of today, the audio tycoons have teamed up with funky designer Matthew Lim [5]to create an eco-friendly turntable set made of materials that are not only green [6], but also cost-effective.

matthew lim, eco-friendly, eco design, turntables, headphones, electronics, green design, green electronics, cork,sennheiser

The sleek and simple design includes recycled [7] and easily biodegradable contents such as cork [8], bioplastic, fiberboard, and felt. The eye-catching pieces are also packaged in a clutter-free box [9] made of recycled wood.

Modeled off the brand’s most iconic line, the Sennheiser HD classic from the 1980s, the eco box set includes a turntable [10] and headphones, and introduces the beauty and simplicity of vinyl [11] to a generation inundated by ipods and MP3s.

Though the design is young and fresh [12], Sennheiser has made sure not to skimp out on the product’s quality and durability [13]. They are, after all, still a Sennheiser product. They may be trying something new, but the classic company remains a fixture as the best of the best in electronics [14].

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