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Solar Cells Made From Bioluminescent Jellyfish

Posted By Cameron Scott On September 8, 2010 @ 1:48 pm In Environment,Solar Power,Water Issues | 4 Comments

dye-sensitized solar cells, gfp, green fluorescent protein, oceans, solar power, sustainable design, jellyfish [1]

Swedish researchers have devised a way to turn bioluminescent jellyfish into solar cells [2]. It works like this: the green fluorescent protein (GFP) that makes the Aequorea victoria glow is simply dripped onto a silicon dioxide substrate between two electrodes. The protein works itself into strands between the electrodes. When ultraviolet light [3] is shined on the circuit, voila, the GFP absorbs photons and emits electrons, generating a current.

dye-sensitized solar cells, gfp, green fluorescent protein, oceans, solar power, sustainable design, jellyfish [4]

As much as Inhabitat is skeptical about using animals as raw materials, this is an intriguing discovery because jellyfish [5] are increasingly overpopulating the oceans as the waters become too toxic and acidified for more delicate species to bear. Using them to create carbon-neutral energy could potentially help restore the oceans to balance.

The GFP-powered cells work like dye-sensitized solar cells [6], but don’t require expensive materials such as titanium dioxide [7].

Via New Scientist [8] and PopSci [9]

Lead Photo © Ryan Kozie [10]

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