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Sweden is Burning Biofuel Made from Bunnies

Posted By Sarah Parsons On October 19, 2009 @ 12:00 pm In Environment,Renewable Energy | 12 Comments

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Scientific American recently reported [1]that Sweden uses a pretty strange source for some of its heating fuel: rabbits. Stockholm [2] has an overabundance of the cotton-tailed critters, and the hungry bunnies are decimating city parks. To cut back on bunny populations and create a greener source of heating fuel for Swedes, city employees round up the rabbits, shoot them, freeze them and then ship them to a heating plant where they’re incinerated. And yes, the thought of it makes our soul hurt, too.

sustainable design, green design, energy, bunny biofuel, alternative fuel, waste reductionPhoto by Shellylyn [3]

While killing animals to use them for fuel is rather uncommon, using animal byproducts to make biofuels [4] happens pretty regularly. Swedish company Konovex creates the bunny-based fuel, but that plant is a subsidiary of Danish company Daka Biodiesel [5], which makes automotive and heating fuels from vegetable and animal oils and fats. Sweden often uses slaughterhouse trimmings to create a methane-based biogas that powers taxicabs in the southern part of the country. And even the US is getting into the animal-based biofuel market: ConocoPhillips [6] partnered with Tyson [7] to make biofuel from chicken and pork fats that would otherwise be added into pet foods, cosmetics or soaps.

Biofuels can be made from a variety of animal fats, including fat from humans (though of course, this is illegal. We can’t help but wonder whether green funerals [8] will start incorporating this practice into its burial methods, though!). And while it’s stomach-turning to think of it, using animal byproducts or slaughterhouse waste to create eco-friendly biofuels actually seems pretty innovative. Killing Peter Rabbit to heat your home [1]seems a little brutal to us, though. We may be in the midst of an energy crisis [9], but we’re also experiencing a global food crisis. [10] Wouldn’t eating the rabbits be a little more savory than burning their frozen carcasses?

Der Spiegel [11] via Scientific American [1]

Lead photo by Blutiger [12]

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