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TRANSPORTATION TUESDAY: The Biofuel Powered Flying Car

Posted By Jorge Chapa On November 18, 2008 @ 5:00 am In Green Transportation,Innovation | 2 Comments

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We have heard of cars [2] and planes [3] using biofuels [4], but we must admit that we never thought we’d hear of a bio-diesel powered flying car! Designed by Gilo Cardozo, the Skycar [5] is a vehicle that has been attached to a paramotor that can actually fly! To prove its capabilities the vehicle will be chartering a voyage from London all the way to the Sahara [6]!

skycar, ethanol skycar, biofuel, flying car, biofueled flying car, the car that flies, green flying car, skycar expedition

The Skycar [5] consists of a car frame attached to a paramotor. For those not familiar with the the concept of a paramotor, it is effectively a giant fan strapped to something (usually a person) that is powerful enough to propel them. In the case of the Skycar, this means that the motor is attached to a steel chassis which propels the vehicle forward. For lift, the car deploys a flexible wing, similar to a parachute, which can be folded into its trunk.

Such an inventive vehicle would not be possible were it not for advances in aerodynamics [7] and technology. The Skycar’s total weight will be around 1,500lb, and when airborne the car will have a top speed of 110kph and can fly for up to 300km. While on the road, the car can go up to 180kph and will run for 400 kilometres on a tank of ethanol [8]. If something were to go wrong, the car can deploy a parachute while in the air.

The current model is fully functional and street-legal, and future models will feature a snappier design with an aluminum chassis. The vehicle’s first flight will take it across the english channel, and next it will embark upon a 5,000 kilometer trek to Timbuktu. We wish them luck!

+ Skycar Expedition [9]

Via Times Online [10]

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