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Could living in a glass box be the key to happiness? The designers of The Photon Space think so. The pop-up glass home is a comfortable 485 square feet of sun-drenched luxury, constructed from high-tech curved class walls that create a sleek structure. With glass walls, residents would have panoramic views from their living room, kitchen, bedroom and even bathroom. For $330,000, the glass house could pop up anywhere in just four weeks, with a more luxurious version available for $410,000.

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Hours and hours of light flood through the double-glazed glass panels, which also block out solar radiation, ultra violet light and sound. As ideal as a light-luxury home sounds, The Photon Space would obviously only suit residents with the luxury of land. Although the glass does tint for privacy, such an abode is not exactly ideal for city living.

However, The Photon Space would make for excellent alternative spaces, cabins, offices or even a retail space that could pop up on roof tops, in the wilderness or in a park.

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