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The US and UK Join Forces and Lasers to Create Nuclear Fusion Energy

Posted By Molly Cotter On September 9, 2011 @ 6:58 pm In Environment,News,Renewable Energy | No Comments

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Scientists at the United State’s National Ignition Facility [1] (NIF) are currently working on unlocking the key to nuclear fusion power by zapping atoms with giant lasers – and the project just got a major show of support from companies and laboratories the UK. The Rutherford Appleton Lab [2] and the british company AWE have announced that they will join forces with the US to make this sustainable energy source a reality.

AWE, NIF, National Ignition Facility,Rutherford Appleton Lab, nuclear, nuclear fusion, lasers, laser energy, nuclear energy, laser nuclear fusion energy, alternative energy [3]

For those of us who need a science class refresher, nuclear fusion and fission are very different things. The nuclear plants [4] that operate today use fission, the splitting of heavy atoms to create energy. Nuclear fusion [5] is the slamming together of two light atoms to create much more energy. Think about the energy produced by an atomic bomb [6] versus the energy produced by the sun [7].

In a meeting this week sponsored by the Institute of Physics, the Rutherford Appleton Lab announced their collaborative experiments [8] with NIF’s lasers, which happen to include the largest one in the world. Scientists essentially fire hundreds of lasers [9] at tiny pellets of hydrogen to compress the atoms. The energy, in the form of heat [10], can be captured and used.

Fusion technology has been in the works for many years. However its one fatal flaw is that no fusion reactor [11] has been able to produce more energy than it consumes. The recent experiment finally did, for a tiny fraction of a second. If and when this technology [12] is perfected (which scientists are now predicting will be a matter of a few years), the US and the UK will be at the forefront of alternative energy, creating miniature stars [13] on earth.

+ National Ignition Facility [14]

+ Rutherford Appleton Laboratory [15]

Via BBC News [16]

lead image courtesy of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory [17]

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