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Tiny Solar Pebble Can Replace Kerosene Lamps in Rural Africa

Posted By Brit Liggett On April 5, 2010 @ 5:02 pm In Air quality,Architecture,Design,Environment,global development,green gadgets,Green Lighting,humanitarian design,Innovation,Solar Power | 6 Comments

solar pebble, solar, power, sun, sunlight, developing world, humanitarian design, design for the developing world, africa, electricity, light [1]

In the poorest regions of the world [2], exposure to kerosene kills one person every 20 seconds. That’s why we’re really impressed with the folks over at Plus Minus Solar [3] who’ve designed their Solar Pebble to replace kerosene lamps [4] which are widely used in rural Africa [5]. Kerosene is expensive and highly toxic and eliminating the use of it is a huge mission for humanitarian designers [6]. This little solar wonder [7] is a great alternative. Its small, portable, inexpensive and can provide light [8] as well as charge small electronic devices [9].

solar pebble, solar, power, sun, sunlight, developing world, humanitarian design, design for the developing world, africa, electricity, light [10]

Solar [11] and wind power [12] are great alternatives to kerosene but are often large and not portable. The Solar Pebble is small enough to carry around, clip on the front of a bicycle [13], or hang from the ceiling of a home. With a 12 hour charge it can light a room for an entire day. It can also provide a charge for a mobile phone [14] in an area without electricity.

In total the Solar Pebble costs about a tenth of what a family would spend on kerosene for light and is 100% cleaner. They are releasing the product in June to the masses. Like the XO Laptop [15] every purchase made in the developed world helps provide Solar Pebbles to people in the developing world [16]. It would be perfect for camping or as a reading light and you’d use it knowing that someone else is enjoying the same clean light [17] that you have.

+ The Solar Pebble [3]

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