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6 Delicious Winter Holiday Cocktails Featuring Organic Spirits

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Apple Sparkler

holiday cocktails, organic liquor, cocktail recipes, Christmas parties, apple sparkler [1]

To make this bubbly concoction, pour organic raspberry or cranberry juice into the bottom 1/3 of a normal wine glass. Fill the remaining 2/3 of the glass with Samuel Smith’s organic hard apple cider [2] (or your preferred organic hard cider brand). Garnish each glass with skewered chunks of orange and lime. Rim glasses with granulated sugar before filling for an extra festive touch.

Holiday Cranberry Rum Punch

holiday cocktails, organic liquor, cocktail recipes, Christmas parties, cranberry rum punch [3]

No holiday party is complete without a bowl or pitcher of punch. Forget the fruit punch you may have had as a kid: this adult version [4] created by Rum Therapy features rum, bourbon, and champagne as well as a bevy of delicious juices. Substitute Crusoe Organic White Rum [5] and Korbel’s organic champagne [6] for conventional varieties. Although the country’s first organic bourbon [7] is now available, you can also just use your favorite bourbon if you can’t get your hands on the organic stuff.

Mulled Wine

holiday cocktails, organic liquor, cocktail recipes, Christmas parties, mulled wine, organic wine [8]

If the weather outside is frightful, your guests may welcome the option of a warm beverage to drive away the chill. Mulled wine is a Christmas classic made with a robust red wine and a bevy of fragrant spices such as cinnamon and star anise. This recipe [9] from Blu Living calls for two bottles of Chianti or another Italian wine, and we recommend the 2010 organic Chianti from Tiamao Wines [10].

Cranberry Crush

holiday cocktails, organic liquor, cocktail recipes, Christmas parties, cranberry crush, gin [11]

If your friends are partial to the occasional gin martini, this festive twist on a classic [12] from Serious Eats is sure to be a crowd favorite. It takes a little extra time, as you’ll need to make a cranberry simple syrup, but if the picture is any indication, it will be worth the effort. We recommend trying this recipe with Caprock Organic Dry Gin [13] from Peak Spirits.

Hot Buttered Rum

holiday cocktails, organic liquor, cocktail recipes, Christmas parties, hot buttered rum, hot toddy [14]

Another must-have beverage when frost and snow are present is the Hot Buttered Rum. The ingredients are as simplistic as they sound–rum, butter, sugar and spices. We recommend trying this easy recipe [15] from Chow.com’s Rob Chirico, and using the certified organic and fair trade spiced rum made by Papagayo [16].

 Blushing Lady

holiday cocktails, organic liquor, cocktail recipes, Christmas parties, blushing lady, organic vodka [17]

The freshness of winter grapefruit brings the pomegranate note to the front of this cocktail. Try this recipe [18] from Food.com for a brightly colored cocktail that has a sparkly taste to match. We recommend using Thatcher’s organic pomegranate liqueur [19] and Prairie Vodka [20].

Lead image via Kirti Poddar [21]/Flickr

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