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Top Green Designs from Tent at the London Design Festival

Posted By Hazel Saunderson On September 22, 2012 @ 10:30 am In Decorative Objects,Eco Textiles,green furniture,green Interiors,Green Products,London,London Design Week | No Comments

Melanie Porter, Tent, London, 2012, london design festival, chunky knit, recycled furniture [6]

Melanie Porter’s [7] showcased a warm and colorful mix of hand knit covered furniture that use found items for their bases. Her series features original cinema seats that have been given a new lease of life with a chunky knit wool. Additional works include textured lampshades, vase covers and cushions.

+ Melanie Porter [7]

Furniture Magpies, Tent, London, 2012, London Design Festival, Recycled furniture, dining table, mantel clocks, drawers, table [8]

Furniture Magpies [9] were back at Tent this year with a brilliant new collection that includes their first ever dining table, a series of mantel clocks and candle holders placed alongside their signature lamps. The dining table aims to give a take on some kitchen cupboard duties, with old drawers fixed below the surface to store wine glasses, plates, bowls and tea sets.

+ Furniture Magpies [9]

Daniel Schofield, Tent London, London Design Festival, 2012, Egg, hooks, fresh eggs, [10]

Daniel Schofield’s [11] coat eggs are a fun take on the traditional coat peg. Made from “free-range” FSC Beech, they come in boxes of half a dozen and are design and “laid” in Yorkshire. Clever!

+ Daniel Schofield [11]

Treasure Colection, by, Studio 180 Degree, London, London Design Festival, 2012, Tent London [12]

Studio 180 Degree [13] delighted us with their Treasure Collection – a sofa and a stool which was born out of the desire to create an honest, handcrafted and eco-friendly sofa. Materials used include leather, natural flax, organic jute, twisted eco paper cord and wool yarn.

+ Studio 180 Degree [13]

cable chair, anthony hartley, Tent London, london design festival, 2012 [14]

Anthony Hartley’s [15]colorful designs are hard to miss, and we’ve fallen in love with his Cable Collection. [16] This design gives ‘flat packed’ and DIY furniture a fresh new look and method, as Anthony introduces us to the cable-tie joint. You get to choose the component color combinations and can swap them around anytime by simply cutting through the table ties & replacing. Hopefully this means there is less excuse for throwaway furniture as styles and tastes change.

+ Anthony Hartley [15]

sebastian cox, London Design Festival, tent London, 2012, [17]

Sebastian Cox [18]reminded us of the importance of the wood source in his well-crafted furniture pieces that use locally grown hazel wood that the designer himself has copiced when harvesting the wood. Coppicing is a woodland management method that provides a renewable supply of wood.

+ Sebastian Cox  [18]

Arno Light, Emanuel Franz, London, Tent, London Deisgn Festival 2012 [19]

Arnolight [20] is a fun set of three small lamps by Emanuel Franz that are made of turned waste wood and glued sawdust, shown as part of a show from students from Warsaw. [21]

+ Emanuel Franz [22]

Green Lamp, London, Tent. 2012, london design festival, [22]

This quirky green lamp by Zuzanna Malinowska and Marcin Wronski [23] combines a plant pot and a table lamp to make a fun combination that puts the spotlight on plant growth.

+ Zuzanna Malinowska and Marcin Wronski [23]

Jay Watson, Sock Lights, London, London Design Festival, 2012, Tent London [24]

Jay Watson [25] wants your old socks! Watson treats them with eco resin derived from sunflowers and turns them into pendant lamps! The lights even feature recycled sockets and energy-saving LEDs.

+ Jay Watson [25]

Oree Board, London Design Festival, Tent, London, 2012, [26]

The Oree Keyboard [27]is a clever cocktail of carpentry and technology that is crafted from a single piece of walnut or maple. The keyboard can connect to any laptop or tablet via bluetooth. You can see our full post about it here. [28]

+ Oree Keyboard [27]

Wally, Bedside Cabinet, London, Tent London, 2012, London Design Festival

The WALLY bedside table is the creation of Sara Kele [29] who exhibited as part of the Young Hungarian Designer’s Association [30]. The table is formed from dozens of pieces of scrap timber, beatifully finished, and is supported when placed against a wall. Sara said of the design, “The bedside table is an experiment, in the spirit of eco-conciousness, to produce exciting and good quality furniture from leftover wood.”

+ Sara Kele [29]

+ Tent London [4]

+ More London Design Week Coverage on Inhabitat [31]


Images by Gem Barton [32] and Hazel Saunderson [33] see more here on Flickr [34]

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