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Transgenic Spider-Goat Hybrids Produce Tougher-Than-Steel Silk

Posted By Diane Pham On May 30, 2010 @ 9:00 am In Accessories and Fashion,biomimicry,Design | 3 Comments

Transgenic Spider-Goat

Spider silk [1] is known for its tough as nails strength and pliable nature [2], making it an ideal material for application in items ranging from bulletproof vests [3] to even artificial ligaments and tendons [4]. While amassing enough of this miracle material can be a tedious task (spiders have a tendency to kill one another – so out goes the spider farm), a team of researchers have come up with a new way to splice the spider’s silk-making genes into goats. Meaning, when these genetically engineered goats start lactating, the silk can easily be harvested from their milk in large quantities. Welcome transgenic spider-goat hybrids [5].


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