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Wood-Covered Gadgets Take It Old School

Posted By Ariel Schwartz On April 30, 2009 @ 11:00 am In green gadgets,Innovation | 4 Comments

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Most of our modern-day gadgets are swathed in plastic or other high-tech materials [2], and why wouldn’t they be? Plastic [3] is both cheap and easy to produce. But English Russia [4]‘s display of wooden [5] gadgets [6] shows that sometimes the most elegant items are the simplest.

computer mouse, wood conservation, wood-covered gadgets, greener gadgets, russian english

As you might suspect, wood-covered devices [7] don’t come cheap and never have. According to English Russia [8], wood-covered clocks [9] were popular in the 19th century among Russian Tzars and other well-off members of society. Few of the clocks survived the Russian Revolution and the Communist reign, and those that did are available in antique [10] shops for the steep price of $20,000. That hefty price tag still applies today and is likely the reason many wood craftsmen have given up their trade or reverted to other materials.

Quality wood [11]is usually reserved for construction [12] works, so its hard to find top-notch lumber for, say, a wood-covered computer [13] mouse. But we imagine if more electronic items [14]were covered in wood, users would be less likely to toss them in the trash [15]. Instead, we’d just return a product when it reached the end of its lifecycle [16], wait to see how nimble-fingered artisans reused the material to elevate the next tech trend and be grateful that the craft [17] of woodworking had lived to see another day.

Via English Russia [18] and Treehugger [19]

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