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World’s Strongest Electric Train Chugs Through Swiss Alps with Over 10,000 Horsepower

Posted By Molly Cotter On September 28, 2011 @ 1:57 pm In Green Transportation,Innovation,News | No Comments

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The Gotthardbahn rail line running from Luzern, Switzerland [1]all the way to Chiasso, Italy [2] is one of Europe’s most important and treacherous railways [3]. Climbing up, down, and around some of the continent’s highest summits [4], the Re 620 electric locomotive has been built to pull freight [5] through just about any circumstance with its over 10,000 horsepower.

green transportation, re 620, electric train, electric engine, gotthardbahn, swiss alps, green train, electric transportation, europe, european trains [6]

Considered the most modern [7] of the Gotthard locomotives, the Re 620 can climb from zero to 60 miles per hour in 5.8 seconds –only a few fractions behind Jaguar’s new luxury electric coupe [8]. Armed with 88 engines and 10,500 horsepower [9], the train can pull up to 800 tons throughout varying gradients and inclines [10]. For heavier loads up to 1,300 tons, a smaller four-axle electric engine [11] is placed behind the main engine to boost [12] power.

Built between 1975 and 1980, the Re 620 is a veteran to the Gotthardbahn terrain. The first two prototypes [13] of the train were built uniquely with split body joints [14] that only moved on a horizontal [15] axis instead of vertical. Though the design did help adjust to changes in incline, the following two models were given secondary suspensions [16] that worked just as well and have been used throughout the entire Re series ever since. The historic [17] locomotives are so powerful and efficient [18], all but one of the 89 total built are still running today.

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