VIDEO: Procter & Gamble's Dirty Practices are Destroying the Forest and Making Orphans Out of Baby Orangutans

Many of you may be familiar with Procter & Gamble’s “Thank You, Mom” campaign, which features several cute tots learning how to walk, swim, and more. But there’s another, less than adorable side to P&G that they’ve worked hard to keep under wraps. After conducting a yearlong investigation, Greenpeace has revealed that P&G has been sourcing its palm oil (an ingredient used in shampoos and other health and household products) from plantations that have decimated the forests of Indonesia. What’s even more shocking is that the remains of multiple endangered orangutans have been found scattered throughout and just outside land owned by two major suppliers of the palm oil. Greenpeace recently released a video showing some of the damage that’s been done to the landscape and to the habitats of these endangered animals. Please take a moment to watch it above and share it with your family and friends. And if you’re one of the more than 5 billion people who use their products—which range from Pantene to Tide and Gillette—do consider boycotting P&G products for those that use sustainably harvested materials. You can also further urge the company to do the right thing by signing Greenpeace’s petition asking them to make their products ethically.




INTERVIEW: Kacie Meyers, the 22-Year-Old Who Turned Discarded Wood Pallets into a Commercial Flooring Business

wood pallets, Kacie Meyers, green hardwood flooring, sustainable wood, sustainable hardwood flooring, social entrepreneurship, sustainable enterprise, upcycling, upcycling home materials, green house materials, green building

At a time when most college students are still trying to figure out how they want to make an impact on the world, 22-year-old Kacie Meyers is already building a business empire with Pal Hardwood, transforming discarded wooden pallets into well-designed products, and giving jobs to people with special needs. We recently had the privilege of chatting with the Johnson and Wales University graduate in Charlotte, North Carolina, during her public presentation as a college entrepreneur in ImpactU‘s business accelerator program. Check out our interview with this young social entrepreneur who is finding ways to use design as a catalyst to do good for individuals in need, as well as for the planet.

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VIDEO: How To Make Yummy Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin Cupcakes

Pumpkin pie might be tried and true, but if you want to make a unique fall treat that will have your friends and family begging for the recipe, check out our scrumptious vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffin cupcakes! Our resident pâtissier, the incredibly adorable Petey Rojas, takes you through the steps, which are so easy that a 3 year old could master them (and we have the video to prove it). So what are you waiting for? Make these delicious vegan treats today!




INTERVIEW: Yves Behar on Green Design, Data Overload, and His First Foray Into Architecture

Yves Behar, Yves Béhar, Fuseproject, Fuseproject interview, inhabitat interview, design interview, green design, sustainable design, green gadgets, green design interview, green technology, clean technology, invisible interface, centro, centro miami, yves behar architecture, yves behar interior design, edyn garden sensor, vessyl, jawbone, jawbone up, clever little bag

If you’ve ever used a Jawbone, sat in a Sayl, or fired up a SodaStream, then you’re sure to be familiar with the work of industrial design superstar Yves Behar. He’s also the designer behind pioneering projects for social good like the One Laptop Per Child Project, the NYC Condom, and these free VerBien glasses for Mexican students. We recently had a chance to chat with Yves about his favorite projects, the future of green technology, and his first foray into architecture – check out our interview after the break!

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DIY: Learn How To Make Waldorf-Style Whole Wheat Bread at Home (VIDEO)

by , 10/22/14

Pint-sized patissier Petey Rojas is back again with a brand new recipe to share! This time, our favorite four-year-old teaches us how to bake delicious Waldorf-style whole wheat bread using just a few simple ingredients (flour, salt, water, yeast). This yummy bread takes only a few minutes to prep, it doesn’t require a bread maker, and it’s a fun, hands-on recipe that’s sure to delight both kids and adults alike. Check out Petey’s adorable DIY video above, and be sure to give the recipe a try. We’ve also got the full, printable instructions after the jump!



VIDEO: Inhabitat Interviews the Designers of the LowLine Underground Park

By now, you’ve probably heard of the High Line, but did you know that there is also an underground park called the LowLine proposed for downtown Manhattan? It may have seemed like a pipe dream at first but with many residents backing the project and New Yorkers in awe of what a subterranean park could mean for the city, the LowLine is picking up speed and could soon bring an amazing new public space (not to mention added revenue for the city) to the Lower East Side . Inhabitat’s very own Editor-in-Chief, Jill Fehrenbacher, recently caught up with the LowLine team, James Ramsey and Dan Barasch, to pick their brains about what could be New York’s next design landmark. Click through to see the video, and learn more about this incredible initiative.


Dan Barasch, delancey underground video, fiber optic daylighting, greening new york, high line nyc, high line park, Interview Dan Barasch, Interview James Ramsey, james ramsey, landscape design, les parks, low line, low line nyc, low line park, low line underground park, low line video, lower east side parks, new york parks, new york public space, new york urban design, new york urban planning, ny parks, raad, raad architects, subterranean park, sunlight transportation, sustainable new york, The Low-Line, underground park, urban design, video interview of the delancey underground


VIDEO: How to Winter-Proof Your Home, With Eco-Blogger Starre Vartan

If you’re worried about keeping warm and cozy these next few months, look no further than our video on how to button up your home for the cold season and cut your utility bills while you’re at it! We’ve enlisted the help of green energy expert Steve Schappert to take eco-fashion blogger and author Starre Vartan through a home energy audit and winter weatherization home makeover. Watch the video above to find out where Starre’s home was lacking when it came to energy efficiency, and learn how you can pinpoint and remedy similar problems in your own home.

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INTERVIEW: Boyan Slat, Teenage Inventor of the Ocean Cleanup Array

Boyan Slat, Boyan Slat array, cleaning plastic, cleaning trash, crowd sourcing ocean array, Crowdfunding, crowdfunding ocean array, garbage patch, Ocean Array, ocean cleaning, ocean cleanup, Ocean Cleanup Array, Ocean Plastic, Ocean plastic cleanup, ocean trash cleanup, pacific garbage patch, sea patch, sea plastic, interview, the ocean cleanup

Last year, 19-year-old inventor Boyan Slat made waves by designing an “Ocean Cleanup Array” which he claimed could remove 72.5 million tons of plastic from the world’s oceans. Although his idea received criticism from some quarters, a year-long feasibility study concluded that the idea will work. Not just that—it could potentially remove half the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch within a decade. The last 12 months have been a whirlwind for the young inventor; he’s given talks around the world and conducted tests in The Azores. We sat down with Boyan Slat to ask him about his inspiration, dealing with criticism and what the future holds for the Ocean Cleanup Array.

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VIDEO: How to Find and Cook Delicious Chanterelle Mushrooms in a Forest Near You

by , 10/08/14

In 1836, Swedish mycologist Elias Fries called the chanterelle “one of the most important and best edible mushrooms.” They are also incredibly nutritious – in addition to containing vitamin C and potassium, chanterelles are among the richest known sources of vitamin D. As ubiquitous as it is delicious, the golden chanterelle occurs all over the globe – from North America to Europe, Asia and Africa. Nevertheless, the meaty, funnel-shaped mushroom has a wild spirit that resists domestication, so if you’d like to savor its distinctive flavor, you’ll probably have to find it yourself – which is part of its wonderful charm! We recently stumbled across some chanterelles while hiking in Yellowwood State Forest just outside of Bloomington, Indiana. We picked a few, sautéed them, and ate them with our camp-cooked pasta, and liked them so much, we went back a couple of days later for more. Watch our video or hit the jump to find out how you can find your own chanterelles, which false species to avoid, and how to cook them up for a special treat you won’t soon forget.

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VIDEO: The Secret Life of Paper

what happens to paper after we throw it away, inform, inform series, inform video series, paper, the secret life of paper, inform,

Did you know that the most important source of biodiversity on the planet – the rainforest – is being decimated so that you can have paper towels to wipe up? Did you know that the paper industry is the 4th largest emitter of greenhouse gases? Without those rainforests to suck up that extra carbon, we’re going to be in a bad state! Learn more about the Secret Life of Paper with Inform, Inc.’s informative and rousing video (after the jump).

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INTERVIEW: MVRDV's Anton Wubben on the Design of the Massive Tunnel-Shaped Rotterdam Market Hall

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INTERVIEW: Tesla Climate Riders Drive 1,100 Miles to People's Climate March


Michelle Thatcher, Chris Castro, Mary Sue Weinaug, William Weinaug, climate drivers, climate march

A team of sustainability leaders from Orlando, Florida, drove a  Tesla Model S Sedan 1,100 miles to the People’s Climate March in New York City to demonstrate that zero emission electric vehicles can be a part of the climate solution. The trip took 27 hours with stops at nine Tesla Supercharger stations along the East Coast. Their destination was the newest Tesla showroom at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, where the biggest climate march in history started with an estimated 400,000 people taking to the streets of Manhattan to demand climate action ahead of the UN Climate Summit.

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INTERVIEW: Bamboo builder, and Ibuku Founder Elora Hardy on Creating Incredible Green Buildings with Bamboo

Ibuku bamboo, bamboo architecture, Elora Hardy, sustainable building material, renewable building material, renewable material, Bali architecture, Bali bamboo, bamboo villas, Ibuku interview, sustainable architecture

We’ve showcased numerous bamboo designs over the years, from furniture to entire buildings, but when it comes to combining green building and renewable materials, Ibuku’s incredible bent-bamboo buildings take the cake. The Bali-based bamboo building team already has luxury villas, houses, schools and infrastructure buildings in their portfolio, and is renowned for their dedication to using traditional Indonesian building techniques. We spoke with the firm’s founder and CEO, designer Elora Hardy, about vernacular architecture traditions, her involvement with designing bamboo buildings, and the reasons behind her vocational change from high-end fashion to sustainable architecture

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Interview: Adrian McCarroll on Building Villa Amanzi in an Open Tropical Environment

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INHABITAT INTERVIEW: Water Architect Koen Olthuis on Floating Buildings & Hydro-Cities, inhabitat interview, Koen Olthuis, Cities Built On Water, water city, hydro city, urban cities and water, water architecture, floating buildings, floating cities, floating architecture

Architect Koen Olthuis of has been fascinating the Inhabitat editors for years with his innovative floating buildings and aqua-tecture. Far from being confined by convention — or by the boundaries of dry land — Olthuis has made a name for himself as an architect who pushes the boundaries of possibility when it comes to the built environment. With a studio focused on designing floating buildings for a future water world, has designed everything from floating apartment complexes in the Netherlands to a floating mosque in the UAE to even an entire floating community of islands for the Maldives. While we’ve spoken in depth with Koen before about flood-resistant architecture, floating buildings and what he calls ‘sustainaquality’ — in the light of the latest tragedies that have hit Japan, we have to ask: how and relevant and sound is water architecture for today’s concerns? Read our exclusive interview where Olthuis explains the sustainability of building on water, as well as how he uses 3D modeling technology to help both clients and skeptics visualize how building on water could change the world.


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INTERVIEW: Home Improvement Legend Bob Vila Talks to Us About Green Building

INTERVIEW: Home Improvement Legend Bob Vila Talks to Us About Green…

Bob Vila’s name has been synonymous with home improvement since he helped launch This Old House in 1979. After nearly thirty years of producing and hosting television shows about the…

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INTERVIEW: Architect Gordon Beckman on How Mixed Use Buildings Create Healthy, Sustainable Cities

INTERVIEW: Architect Gordon Beckman on How Mixed Use Buildings Create…

  Metropolitan areas are growing faster than suburbs for the first time in decades, as more and more people want to live closer to where they work, eat, drink, and play.…

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INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Visits the Studio of Photographer Elena Lyakir and Furniture Designer Eric Slayton

INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Visits the Studio of Photographer Elena Lyakir…

Inhabitat recently had the chance to visit the studio of photographer Elena Lyakir and furniture designer Eric Slayton, a couple based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Read on to see what the…

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