Terra-Gen Power just secured a whopping 1.2 billion dollars in financing to up the ante on United States wind farms. With this latest round of cash they’ll be adding 570 megawatts of capacity to their Alta Wind Energy Center in Kern County, California to bring the total capacity up to a mega-impressive 3,000 megawatts making it the largest wind farm in the United States. The farm should be completed and ready for juicing the grid with renewable energy by the first and second quarters of 2011. Anyone up for topping that? This, “who can build the biggest wind farm,” is one showmanship game that we’re totally willing to egg on.

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After the last few years, in which it seems the US has been severely lagging behind our European counterparts in the wind power game, we’re finally bringing home the renewable energy projects — we’ve got the Lake Erie fresh water wind farm and a final “yes” on the Cape Cod wind farm. The addition to the Alta Wind Energy Center in California is a nice topper to this recent list of wins. Terra-Gen’s addition will come in the shape of four separate additions to their existing wind farms in California and will use 190 V90-3.0 MW turbines. The initial 5 projects which are already installed or under construction, will fulfill a contract signed with Southern California Edison in 2006 and will up California’s wind-energy by 25%.

The project represents an important expansion of the renewable generating base of California and helps us advance our nation’s goals of achieving energy independence in an environmentally responsible manner,” said Jim Pagano, CEO of Terra-Gen. He added that the project is a huge boost to the economy as well as our green-energy goals, noting that the project, “will create more than 1,500 domestic manufacturing, construction and operation and maintenance jobs, and inject more than $600 million into the local economy.” Talk about a heartwarming story of the green economy pulling through on its promise to bring our dependence on oil down and our economy up.

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