There is nothing like a little competition to inspire everyone to design better and greener. At least that is the theory behind the Progressive Automotive X-prize, which aims to create incentives to promote innovative thinking in the different industries. Well, now the X-prize has set their sights on the automotive industry, by announcing a 10 million dollar prize for whoever can design and bring to market a 100mpge vehicle. Doesn’t sound like much, but already 60 different teams have signed up for the competition!

You’ve probably heard of the X-Prize Foundation, much better known for their Ansari X-Prize competition for suborbital spacecraft, that went on last year. The car pictured above is the entry by Motive Industries. They, alongside a large number of teams, such as Tesla, Loremo, and Aptera, have signed a letter of intent to compete in the grand prize. The aim of the competition is to create a vehicle that can achieve 100mpge (miles per gallon equivalent). It isn’t just about designing one, but about creating a feasible prototype that can be brought to market. While 10 million might seem like chump change, for some teams, this can just provide the right incentive to put to their test, all their concept designs.

+ Progressive Automotive X-prize
+ Motive Industries

(h/t Autobloggreen)