In the town of Mohali, a suburb just outside of Chandigarh in northwest India, a 10-story tower is being constructed in just 48-hours! The visionary behind this project, Harpal Singh of the infrastructure company Synergy Thrislington, says it’s all possible because “the components have been manufactured already, doors that can be pre-fitted, water supply components, wiring, sanitation, air conditioning, ducts and everything else.”

The components are made from about 200 tons of steel, and they were all prefabricated in a nearby factory before being moved to the site on special transport trucks. About 200 engineers, supervisors, and laborers started work at 4:30pm yesterday, and 3 cranes were brought on site to install the roofs and walls. After just 6 hours, 3 floors had been constructed. And in 24 hours, nearly 7 stories have been completed.

Think this construction will be shoddy because it’s happening so fast? Singh has gotten his project certified as earthquake and shock-proof by the Center for Industrial and Scientific Research. This turbo building will also be eco-friendly, as Singh claims that it will consume less energy than a conventional building.

Singh was inspired to come up with this streamlined construction process after being frustrated at how slowly his own house was built, which took a full 2 years. The biggest potential of this kind of quick building technology, he says, lies in the infrastructure sector, and can also be very beneficial in building hospitals and schools too. We think this model could also be very useful in disaster-relief situations as well.

Via World Architecture News