If you had to pick 100 architects to build a city, who would you choose? That’s the challenge posed by Jian Yuan Water Engineering, which has commissioned a plan to create one hundred villas in the city of Ordos, Inner Monglolia, China, comprised of 100 different design solutions by 100 up-and-coming architects. None other than Jacques Herzog of Herzog and De Meuron headed up the selection of emerging architectural talents from all over the world!

Herzog has chosen architects from 27 different countries – 22 from the US, 14 from Switzerland, 9 from Mexico, 7 from France and everywhere in between. Each architect will have a 1000 square meter parcel for them to realize their vision. The project masterplan will be spearheaded by Chinese artist and architectural designer Ai Weiwei of Fake Design.

So what is it like to be selected for this project? ““It’s really surreal… a wonderful step into the unknown,” said Simon Conder, the only British architect selected for the competition. The project, if it goes ahead as planned, will be finished by the end of this year. Needless to say, as design enthusiasts we are definitely excited about seeing the results of this diverse project.

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