This amazing Eco3Spray handheld sprayer from Franke turns ordinary tap water into ozone, enabling it to kill common nasties like E. coli, salmonella, staph aureus, and pneumonia without using any chemicals. The unit works by transforming water into ozone through a diamond electrolysis cell, technology that was selected from 300 entries as one of the Top Twenty Most Viable Water Technologies at the 2013 Global Water Summit. As strong as chlorine in its cleaning power without the fumes, the ozone is completely safe – even for use on fruits and vegetables.

The Eco3Spray is targeted for use by cleaning professionals, such as those in the food service industry. Typically, chemicals or heat are used to kill common pathogens prevalent in food service, but the Eco3Spray improves on both of these methods. The ozone created is able to clean without heat, using less energy than heated (typically steam) cleaners. Since there are no chemicals used in the Eco3Spray, it is unnecessary for workers to produce mixtures diluted to the proper strength, or to endanger their skin or lungs while cleaning.

Eco3Spray is not the first cleaning tool to produce ozone from water, but this is unique in that it is easy to use, portable, and works on-demand to transform water instantly. Element6, the company behind the synthetic diamond technology outperforms the more common alternative water-to-ozone technology (oxide and platinum-coated electrodes) by doubling the concentration of ozone with greater sanitizing power. The technology is also compact, able to be fit into products like the Franke hand eld sprayer, and is said to be more reliable than coated electrodes.

+ Franke