This Thursday, September 22, is the opening day of 100% Design, London’s annual design industry convergence, featuring some of the world’s greatest contemporary designers. 100% Design brings together emerging and established designers to exhibit their latest innovations, as well as offering seminars and several special exhibitions including 100% Detail, focused especially on building products and materials. In concert with the week’s exhibition is a host of events and installations all around London, collectively entitled 100% Guaranteed.

The design of the show itself is known to be as phenomenal as the work it showcases. Designer and Creative Director Tim Pyne partnered with Richard Greenwood to create an exhibition environment that would amplify the overall experience of 100% Design. A handful of awards have been designated by the 100% Design Bursary for outstanding applicants. Pictured above is the Jellyfish Stool by Kota Nezu of Co/Ex. The stool, made of glass fiber and steel, contains a light and a water tank. When the seat is touched, the ripples in the water tank cast reflections onto the ground beneath the stool, illuminated by the internal light.

Link: 100% Design