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The Spanish collective took over Melbourne’s stark Federation Square, converting it into a warm and welcoming space with thousands of glowing books. The books, which were actual rejects from multiple libraries, were donated to Luzinterruptus by the Salvation Army for the project.

The river of books spilled over the occupied pedestrian areas and seeped into the street, depriving cars and buses of their allocated spaces, giving the books one last surge of power before their impending descent into thrift stores or the recycling bin.

Visitors weren’t angry at the interruption in traffic – instead they reacted with intrigue and genuine interest. Dozens of passersby took a break in their commuting to sit and thumb through the books, reading bits here and there under the LED displays in the plaza.

To end the magical installation, Luzinterruptus let visitors take their time and choose books right from the installation, taking home their favorite volumes to read and to remember the provocative and powerful piece that took over Flinders Street.

+ Luzinterruptus