Another shocking environmental disaster has hit China’s waterways. Earlier this summer, 16,000 dead pigs floated through Shanghai’s river and then 1,000 dead ducks emerged in the Sichuan river; now, an estimated 100,000 kilograms of dead fish have surfaced in Wuhan’s Fu river. The thick floating blanket of rotting fish were poisoned by a recent chemical discharge.

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The Hubei province environmental protection department raised the alarm after the discovery on Monday. Chinese authorities are working to clean out the river, citing ammonia poisoning from a local chemical plant as the main culprit. Though they warned against eating the dead fish, they curiously added that drinking water had not been affected. According to a local environmental official, the fish affected were mainly carp, chub and snakehead.

The environmental scandal sparked deserved outrage from Chinese netizens demanding better protection for the environment and strong punitive measures against responsible or negligent parties. Though the disaster speaks largely to the concerns of China as a whole, the incident will be most devastating to the 2,000 nearby villagers who earn their living from fishing.


Lead Image via Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons