Titus Bernhard Architects, Munich, Germany, 11x11, prefabricated construction, daylighting, natural light, wood, natural materials, green design, open-plan, eco-design, sustainable design, Germany
11×11 is clad in vertical laminated wooden slats that extend to the roof. The same material is used to frame the deep-set windows which bend over eaves and wrap around corners, funneling enough daylight into the single family residence to ensure not a watt of energy is required to illuminate the home during the day.

Inside, the ground floor acts as a basement. The second open-plan floor houses the dining and living areas, while the top floor accommodates the bedrooms and study. As part of their effort to minimize construction waste and material use, the designers opted for “homogenous” materials, but this has not altered the home’s aesthetic appeal one bit.

+ Titus Bernhard Architects

photography via Jens Weber & Orla Conolly

via Dezeen