An electric vehicle race began in Barcelona on June 16 that is taking 11 international teams around the world in 80 days for a sustainable transportation future that includes long-distance zero emissions cars. The teams participating in the 80edays 2016 ELDURO race are currently sprinting across the United States with the Swiss in the lead somewhere in Nevada as of Thursday morning. The route runs 15,534 miles (25,000 km) across 20 countries and three continents.

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Most of the racers are driving Tesla EVs — one Roadster and eight Model S sedans — except for the Chinese team, which is racing in a DENZA EV, a German car manufactured in China, and the Hungarian team, which is driving the Innovative Modulo composite electric bus made in Hungary. “It’s a dream of mine to travel the world by car and what better car to do it in than in a Tesla,” Armand Figueras of team Spain told Metro News Canada. “It’s a once in a lifetime adventure for me… They’re just great grand touring cars…Fast, comfortable, silent, environmentally friendly. What else could you want?”

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The participants will plant trees along the route to help offset any greenhouse gas emissions generated from the race. Of course, the fact that they are driving zero emission electric vehicles will significantly reduce any harmful carbon emissions. But they still have to fly in polluting planes, including to China after they tour California.

The 80edays electric vehicle challenge is the second EV race following the first electric around the world race in 2012 that was won by Rafael de Mestre, who is serving as ambassador for the 2016 electric rally. “The hype of the (80edays) rally is justified because a lot of people believe electric cars are and should be the future,” said Mestre. “The 2012 rally proved that people can drive electric cars anywhere in the world and reduce their carbon footprint. This year we hope the industry realizes that there are no wrongs with EVs, only rights!”

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