Meal delivery services have come a long way. Simply make your selections online and wait for the fully or partially-prepared meals to show up. Offerings start at once a week or can supply you with nearly every breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On average, people get meals delivered a few times each week, lightening the burden of meal planning and preparation. You can filter options based on your eating preferences and dietary restrictions. Whether you’re trying to cut out meat for meatless Monday or you live a strictly vegan lifestyle, there’s an option for you in the home delivery world. 

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Most companies offer food delivery for two, four and sometimes six people. You can receive orders as infrequently or often as you choose. Perhaps the best part of meal service is the variety of foods available. You can even combine two different delivery services if you want smoothies and bowls from one and salads from another. 

Watch for packaging when researching companies. Some pride themselves on recyclable materials, but they may not be recyclable curbside in your area. Most abide by environmental standards with biodegradable ice and cardboard packaging where possible.

Two bowls filled with salad, avocado and an assortment of vegetables on a white table

Purple Carrot

It’s a passion project meant to inspire people to eat a healthy, plant-based diet. Set up breakfast, lunch and/or dinner three or four times each week for two or four people, and add extra pantry items when they’re available. Meals can come prepared or as a meal kit you put together yourself. Reviewers remarked the recipes are unique and encourage you to try new things. In fact, you can try a different menu each week. 

The Green Chef

The company is organically certified and offers different meal sizes delivered a few times each week. The kit comes with pre-measured ingredients and recipes. First responders, medical providers, nurses, teachers, military and veterans receive an additional discount. The company proudly offsets plastic and carbon produced in the transport and packaging of the kits. 


The ingredients for each Sunbasket menu are ethically-sourced and organic. There is no commitment, so you can cancel anytime after trying out some meals. There are many ways to filter the diet types and ingredients to avoid meat, dairy, grains, soy, etc. Sunbasket also offers two levels of preparation. You can receive the ingredients and corresponding recipes or get premade meals you simply need to warm up after a long day. 


In addition to meals arriving cooked and ready to reheat, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with a registered dietician for a one-on-one consultation. After deciding on your meals, order up some cold-pressed juices and vitality shots too. 


This brother and sister duo must have enjoyed time in the kitchen while growing up. They offer a delivery service with a range of dietary preferences and the flexibility to keep the prepared meals in the fridge for dinner this week or in the freezer for a meal when the need arises. 

A tray of vegan food sitting on white bedsheets filled with an assortment of food including salad and a sandwich with a pair of legs laying next to the tray


When childhood friends get together, they often cook together. That was the case with Sakara founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise. Now they spend their time together creating organic, plant-based, gluten and dairy free, refined-sugars free and non-GMO meals for vegans everywhere in the U.S. All meals are ready to eat. Choose from a variety of plan options and check in with wellness coaches as part of the Sakara plan.


This restaurant-style service is currently only available in the northeast, but they do have plans to expand. You can filter your orders through your dietary preferences or order from your favorite of around 37 chefs around New York City. Look at menus a few weeks ahead of time to consider your options and order between four to 12 meals weekly.


In addition to quick, healthy meals, you can ship in groceries for delivery too. Collect information on snacking, meal prep and recipes that match your dietary needs. It’s more than a meal prep service. The goal is to help make planning, shopping and cooking faster and easier. 


If you’re looking for fresh rather than frozen, Sprinly is worth considering. Meals are vegan, organic and void of gluten, artificial preservatives and refined sugars. Because they’re vegan, they’re good for the environment too. Select from six to 18 meals weekly and change your plan as your busy life and needs change. 

Daily Harvest

If you’re looking for vegan, organic, gluten and dairy-free meals that require little to no preparation, Daily Harvest might be for you. The service provides a lot of flexibility if your schedule changes from one week to the next. 

Six bottles of vegan smoothies with the colors yellow, pink, red, dark pink, orange and yellow again surrounded by vegetables and fruits

Splendid Spoon

When a culinary-trained chef doesn’t like what she sees people eating, she sends inspiration their way. Splendid Spoon was started in 2013 with soup options. Now, the menu includes many other low-sodium, dairy-free, non-GMO meals that contain no artificial sweeteners or colors. Select from four plans and receive your delivery one to four times each month.  

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