This year proved the age-old maxim: buyer beware. Not only did we discover that herbal supplements may not contain what they claim, we also learned that tampons can be hazardous for your health in more ways than one. It was also a shocking year in environmental news as scientists realized that their worst fears may be coming true, China’s toxic lakes reminded us about the true cost of our smartphones and would-be scientists were banned from taking photos in Yellowstone National Park. Check out all 12 stories and let us know which one surprised you the most.

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kavachi, underwater volcano, sharkcano, sharks in volcano, national geographic, solomon islands, active volcano

Sharks… in a volcano?!

Turkey archeology find, Turkey underground city, Nevsehir city, Nevsehir settlement, Turkish underground settlement, Turkish discovery, archeological discovery, archeology, Cappadocia city, Cappadocia tourism, Cappadocia historical find, Cappadocia archeological city, Cappadocia archeology

Archeologists discovered an ancient city buried underground.

los angeles reservoir, plastic balls in reservoir, polyethylene balls, california drought, water conservation

Los Angeles came up withan ingenious (and bizarre) way to fight drought.