China’s newest mansion is not only made from recycled materials, but the sprawling 12,000 square foot home was made with 3D printing! Developed by Chinese company WinSun, the luxury mansion was 3D printed in layers, using recycled stone and construction waste. In addition to the mansion, WinSun has also 3D printed a five-story apartment building – in a single day – and 10 affordable homes from recycled materials.

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In order to print a mansion, WinSun had to construct a larger-than-life 3D printer. The mansion printer stands 20 feet high, and spans a massive 4,000 feet. Combining recycled materials and quick-dry cement, the giant printer squeezes out layer upon layer of pasty materials in strong diagonal shapes, which then harden. The pieces are reinforced with steel, and then filled with insulation like any other wall when building a house.

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WinSun’s 3D-printed five-story apartment building took just one day to print, and then five additional days to assemble, with low construction waste and minimal laborers needed. The mansion, which was 3D printed inside and out, also saved on construction and labor, costing around $161,000 to build in its entirety.

In the future, WinSun plans to use the efficient and low-construction waste process to build bridges and soaring skyscrapers. The company has already proven its stake in the 3D-printed architecture market, printing 10 homes at $5,000 apiece in March of last year.

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