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The three story home features an open plan kitchen and dining room, along with a large living room and countless other interaction spaces. Various staircases interlink the different platforms, which not only make better use of the vertical space, but also help to create pockets of privacy throughout the central area. Beautiful wooden floors, clean white walls, and plenty of natural light also serve to enhance the pleasant atmosphere in the communal living area.

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The 13 individual bedrooms are spread across the different levels of the house, which together form a ring around the central living space. Each of these rooms has a floor area of 77.5 square feet, and when divided out equally, each of the residents has a total floor space of 247 square feet. Compared with a standard one-bedroom flat, the architects believe the LT Josai offers a much better alternative in terms of space and quality of life.

For some people, the idea might leave them feeling overexposed, but there is always the option of retreating to your room and hiding out until your energy levels are back to normal. Overall, the 13 bedroom house offers a more affordable, sustainable, and socially-connected way to live. Take into account the popularity of sharing services, and it might not be long before we see more these houses popping up around the world.

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Images by Naruse Inokuma Architects