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Gurney turned to modular construction in response to the client’s tight time frame and limited budget. The 6,820-square-foot bm Modular One home was manufactured in two weeks offsite and then shipped and assembled on the 0.3-acre property with plumbing, wiring, windows, and HVAC ducts pre-installed. The foundation and basement were constructed on-site with polished concrete floors.

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Although the modules were delivered to the site dry-walled and primed, they are made up of repeatable parts for easy custom configurations. The bm Modular One features finishes including maple flooring, walnut millwork, and aluminum stairs. Mostly white walls and clean lines give the home its clean and modern appearance. Corrugated metal siding with stucco and Spanish cedar break up the otherwise all-white facade. Large windows allow natural light to flood the home interior.

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