A 13-year-old boy from Preston, UK just became the world’s youngest nuclear fusioneer. By successfully carrying out an atomic fusion reaction, Jamie Edwards has set a new record previously held by then 14-year-old US schoolboy, Taylor Wilson, who built a nuclear reactor in his parents’ garage.

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A few years ago Jamie used all his Christmas money to buy himself a Geiger counter. He started building his own nuclear reactor and showed the project to his teacher. He was then granted a sum of $3,400 to build and test the reactor, known as Farnsworth Fusor, on school premises and eventually succeeded in smashing two hydrogen atoms to together, making helium through nuclear fusion.

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Edwards has been keeping a blog to document his progress and his school school helped him get hold of a vacuum chamber, a canister of deuterium (heavy hydrogen) and other components necessary for the experiment. Other teens interested in nuclear energy may find their inspiration on Jamie’s blog, just as he had by hearing about Taylor Wilson’s success.

+ Jamie’s Fusion Project

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