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Fiber Chair by MUUTO

MUUTO designer Iskos-Berlin marries mid-century modern with a modern flair with this fiber chair made from a form-pressed composition of plastic and wood fibers from left over from furniture scraps. Look closely and you can see the beautiful gradient of colors throughout the smooth finish.


Terrace Table by Lubo Design

Who knew that an old barn could look this good? Lubo Brezina’s Terrace Table takes pieces of an old barn floor and harmoniously arranges them into a puzzle-like composition.

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Indigola and Table Beleza by Weendu

Crafting the intersection of African art and luxury furniture, Weendu designer Hamed Ouattara welds the Indigola and the Tabel Beleza from recycled metal. Beautifully finished, with simple lines and well-crafted details, these contemporary pieces are as eye-catching as they are green.

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Scraplight by Graypants

Cardboard finds new life in Graypants’ LED lights. The new Scraplight look is white, lacy, and romantic — inspired by Jupiter and the stars. This chic addition breathes fresh air into a product line that we’ve admired for some time now.

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Camp Club Chair by blankblank

The Camp Club Chair by Rob Zinn for blankblank is a simple and comfortable outdoor lounge chair. The fabric is made from domestically sourced vegetable-tanned leather and Sunbrella Heritage fabrics that feature 50% recycled content. Bonus point-it ships flat for efficiency and flexibility.


Collage Tiles by Peter Glassford

Using recycled scrap wood, Peter Glassford creates collage tiles that are backed to 1/2″ MDF boards. These tiles can be installed on chairs, cabinets, or walls, creating a lively texture to any surface

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Wheels by Wonderwall

Wheels is a diamond in the rough. The reclaimed hardwood paneling is weathered and aged to perfection. Exclusively using salvaged wood and employing local professional craftsmen for their wood paneling collection, Wonderwall crafts locally and rocks globally.


Mushroom Chaise by Terreform ONE

A play on the iconic chaise lounge, the Terreform mushroom chaise is designed and engineered with a substructure made of mushrooms. Grown in one week from fungi, the seat is compostable at the end of its product life.

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Materials by Lapicida

Stroll through the past with Lapicida’s reclaimed stone floor collection. Each piece is carefully hand-selected by a world-class stone specialist for its color and character.

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Stone Forest Sinks

Stone Forest pays homage to a memorable era with their Industrial Pedestal Sink. Want a shiny sink brightening up your bathroom? Check out the Copper Pedestal Sink crafted from 100% recycled material. 12.icff

Worn Collection by Thislexik

Thislexik transforms old clothing into durable furniture with a touch of humor. The Worn collection transforms clothing found at second hand stores into solid, lightweight, yet durable furniture.


X-Diamond by Stikbulb

Behold: a 9-foot LED chandelier made from pieces of old New York City buildings. Stickbulb is a diverse modern lighting collection that celebrates the NYC’s rich history and is a powerful symbol for the city’s bright sustainable future.

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