Modani Onyxia Sofa in White

Onyxia Modern Sleeper Sofa Bed – $640


I can’t believe the price on this elegant, utilitarian modern sofa bed. Under $1000? Amazing. And in vegan leather too – aka “eco leather” (faux leather not made from cow skin). I’m kicking myself that I didn’t discover Modani earlier, since I already bought a sofa bed which looks similar to this, but costs more. Sofa beds are super useful in that they allow you to have an extra guest bed when you need one without compromising space or function, since most of the time, they are folded up in couch position.

Modani Sacha Arm Lounge Chair in Lime

Sacha Modern Arm Chair – $340


This lemon yellow plush arm chair brings a pop of color into any room. For the midcentury-modern inspiration, the price is pretty decent. A brushed metal swivel base lets you channel your inner child and twirl around in style.

Modani Love Seat with Cap

Outdoor Modern Love Seat with Cap – $790


If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, you can’t do much better than this playful circular love seat with a foldable canopy over the top. A friend of mine had a couple of these love seats around her pool and my children went gaga for them, hiding inside the canopy and curling up like little birds in a nest. They’re made from water-proof synthetic rattan and upholstery that is easy to clean and weather-proof.

Modani Coronado 2 Seater

Coronado Outdoor 2 Seater Modern Sofa – $540

Made from the same materials as the canopy love seat, this outdoor modern sofa is durable enough to withstand the strongest of storms while still blending in elegantly with the landscape. The handwoven rattan is topped with mold and weather-resistant cushions, making this a practical investment.

Modani Ivy Outdoor Balcony Set

Ivy Outdoor Balcony Set – $490

If you’re looking to invest in a complete outdoor furniture set, Modani’s outdoor balcony set includes two rattan chairs and rattan table that match the Coronado sofa and the circular love seat. Even just on its own, this set is a great value. Quality outdoor furniture is something that will be useful for generations.

Modani Davos Sofa in Blue

Davos Sofa – $998

Need a modern, classic sofa and tired of boring options like beige, grey and black? How about vivid sky blue? This bright blue sofa brings fresh but not overly-distracting color to brighten up a drab room. Made with a cotton linen blend and a toon wood base, this well-made piece of furniture is unique, eye-catching and priced under a grand to boot.

Modani Aria Nightstand

Aria Contemporary Walnut Night Stand – $290

It’s hard to find practical, affordable nightstands that also look good, but we think this two drawer walnut nightstand hits the mark. The minimalist design fits in nicely with most other furnishings, instantly upgrading any bedroom to a more modern style.

Modani Nyx Dining Chair Green

Nyx Dining Chair – $178

And if you’re looking for upholstered dining chairs, for added seat comfort, here’s one of the best modern versions we’ve seen. This upholstered Nyx chair in vibrant lime green, adds a new level of modern comfort to your dining area. Made with a velour polyblend and wood base, the Nyx dining chair comes in a variety of colors that can be mixed and matched for a more lively seating arrangement.

Modani Indore Pillow

Indore Modern Pillow – $30

You can easily amplify modern style in any room by throwing a couple of these geometric-patterned pillows into the mix. You can make any solid colored sofa pop nicely with one or two of these (would look great with the blue Davos Sofa)

Modani Serenity Statue

Serenity Contemporary Sculpture – $30

If you’re looking to update your accessories, this elegant zen sculpture is a great find. Bring a sense of peace anywhere in and around your home with a sculpture that would look especially serene on an outdoor patio, by the garden, or on a console near your entrance.

Slim Table Lamp

Slim Table lamp – $49

Thin and sleek, this silver table lamp unobtrusively illuminates a living room or bedroom, and is even small enough to be placed on a home office desk. Its simple chrome shine elevates the modern style of any home.

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