Despite a challenging football season, the Philadelphia Eagles are clearly winning in the alternative energy game. The team recently called upon New York-based Urban Green Energy (UGE) to install fourteen micro wind turbines at Lincoln Financial Field. The turbines are located in two sets of seven at opposing ends of the field and connected to the stadium’s grid, reducing energy consumption during the day, and putting power back into the grid at night. Thanks to the stadium’s existing and future solar power arrays, the Eagles’ home field will now generate more alternative power than any stadium in the NFL.

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The fourteen wind turbines are a standard commercial model – the UGE-4K – which is the same turbine used on the Sanya Skypump we covered earlier this year. Each turbine is approximately 15 feet tall and features a vertical-axis design. Made from a combination of carbon, fiberglass and steel, each weighs about 1,000 pounds. Together, the turbines and solar panels will annually produce about six times the amount of power used during all Eagles home games. Thanks to their strategic placement, the new energy-producing equipment will not interfere with the fans’ experience on game day.

“We made a commitment to be a sustainable business, and try to run as efficiently and conserve energy as much as we could,” said Eagles’ president Don Smolenski in an interview with KYW Newsradio. Smolenski says the system will produce up to four megawatts of renewable power each year, saving an estimated $3 million per year.

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