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To Zea Tongeman, being a tech-geek doesn’t mean hiding in a room typing code into a computer for hours on end. Instead, this ambitious teenager is the designer of a social media app called “Jazzy Recycling” that turns waste disposal into a game. The program set to launch in 2014 will help users find places to recycle, scan the items, and receive rewards, and all of this activity will be shared via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Tongeman was inspired to create her mobile app after attending a workshop with Little Miss Geek at her school, St Saviours and St Olaves in Elephant and Castle, England. The presentation brought fashion designer Francesca Rosella to teach students basic computer coding and circuitry for clothing. Soon after, Tongeman entered Apps for Good, a competition that encourages students to create positive change through technology. Teaming up with her friend, Jordan Stirbu, she laid the foundations for Jazzy Recycling.

“I used to think technology was just fixing computers and saying thing like: ‘have you tried turning it on and off again?’ like in The IT Crowd. But I have discovered another side to it and that you can make tech your own.” Tongeman wrote in The Guardian.

After the Apps for Good competition, former Apprentice contestant Raj Dhonota introduced himself as an angel investor and mentor. The team hopes to have the app built and ready to launch by early next year. With their creation, they strive to make a good habit fun and competitive through social incentives as well as engage young people in technology.

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