Mission Motors‘ emission-free superbike recently shattered the world land speed record for electric motorcycles as it clocked in a series of scorching 150mph runs at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats. Designed in collaboration with Fuse Project, we knew that the superbike had great things in store when Yves Béhar unveiled it earlier this year, and we’re thrilled to see it deliver on its promise!

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The record setting runs were carried out on a prototype of Mission Motors‘ $69,000 superbike, which will be available in a limited run of 300 late next year. The drivetrain of the vehicle is expected to remain largely the same when it goes into production, so expect to be hitting ludicrous high speeds and pulling 80mph power wheelies once the vehicle hits the streets.

According to Mission Motors founder and president Edward West, “We set this record on our first visit to the Bonneville salt flats on poor salt conditions and in high crosswinds… and to set it with our production prototype vehicle, not a custom Bonneville bike, is truly amazing. It’s a watershed moment for electric vehicles and further proof that the era of the electric superbike has begun.”

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Via Wired