Artist Paulo Grangeon is raising awareness for the conservation of endangered species by sculpting 1600 panda bears out of recycled materials and papier-mâché! The sculptures will brighten days of passersby in ten locations across Hong Kong during the month of June. Grangeon’s project seeks to bolster the government’s “Conserving Central” initiative by using the adorable pandas as unofficial mascots.

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Grangeon initially created his pandas from recycled materials in 2008 for the World Wildlife Fund. Since then they have traveled around the world, hitting France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Taiwan. Now the 1600 Pandas World Tour will bring Grangeon’s collection to landmarks around Hong Kong to foster the spirit of conservation and sustainable development. The Clock Tower at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, Victoria Park and Ocean Park are the first landmarks to get a total panda takeover.

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Grangeon initially sculptured 1600 panda sculptures to represent the dwindling panda population, which sadly hovers around 1600. But for the pandas’ presence in Hong Kong, the artist will create four new pandas that will remain in Hong Kong after the tour moves on to its next venue, the PMQ entertainment complex, at the end of June.

Via Travelers Today