French cyclist François Gissy just strapped a hydrogen peroxide rocket to the frame of his bike and hit a record-breaking top speed of 163 mph! The epic thrill ride took place at abandoned runway in the northeast of France. Pushing a simple mountain bike to speeds it has never seen before, the Frenchman broke the rocket-powered bike record of 150.74 miles per hour set in 2002.

The rocket was manufactured by Swiss company Exotic Thermo Engineering according to Gissy’s specifications. Concentrated liquid hydrogen peroxide is mixed with a catalyst, typically silver, which causes it to decompose into heat, water (steam) and oxygen. The steam provides thrust as it is forced through a rocket nozzle.

Although Gissy beat the record of 2002 he missed the overall cycling speed record set by 50-year-old Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg in 1995. He pedaled in the slipstream of a dragster in Utah, USA, and reached a speed of 268.8 kilometers per hour. He was provided with considerable help by the slipstreaming effect of the lead vehicle.

Via Gizmodo and CNET