The future of the beauty industry is green, and sustainability is no longer just a box to check off, it’s expected. Consumers are scrutinizing and demanding transparency on ethical labor, ingredients sourcing and giving back to the environment and communities. As a result, more brands are proudly vegan, natural and regenerative.

The beauty industry is vast and expansive in its selections. With so many choices, deciding which brand or product to buy can be overwhelming. It’s also especially easy to get lost in the big giants of the industry. However, just take a look at these smaller businesses doing right by Earth.

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Body care

A yellow bar of soap on display of pink and green background

1. Solidu

Solidu is a woman-owned, plastic-free company providing shampoo, conditioner and body soaps in bar form. Their products include botanical oils, extracts and natural essential oils all without water. Moreover, they pride themselves on their 100% plastic-free and paper-free packaging that can be composted in 45 days. It is instead made out of charcoal and bamboo offcuts from the production of chopsticks.

Yellow foot masks from green beauty brand Clapoti

2. Clapoti

Though there are organic brands for everything on the body, the foot care market has remained largely untapped. Clapoti, a Korean skin care and footcare company, directly sources from South Korean organic farms using traditional Korean plants, such as perilla plants, green tea leaves and ginger. They are also certified organic, vegan and fragrance-free all in a biodegradable pouch. As a result, their masks exfoliate and moisturize your feet much like a mask for your face. 

Two powder shampoo aluminum bottles

3. Seed Phytonutrients

As a Climate Neutral Certified company, Seed Phytonutrients is all about “formula first, sustainability always,” according to their slogan. Their newest cleansing powders only weigh two ounces but are equal to one liter of traditional cleansers. They do so by cutting the water and the BS, shipping in lightweight, recyclable aluminum bottles. 

A display of orange products

4. Bee by the Sea

Bee by the Sea deodorants, body soaps, creams and butters are all 95% natural or higher. They are notable for containing honey and sea buckthorn berry, which is packed with anti-aging benefits. What’s more, their products are naturally scented with 100% sweet almond oil, cruelty-free and based in Ontario, Canada. 

Shikai cream tubes displayed in a wooden compartment

5. Shikai

Though you may not have heard of Shikai, they have been around for over 50 years with their full body care. Some of the main ingredients in their products include CBD and borage (commonly called “starflower”), an herb with an abundance of essential fatty acids and oils. Furthermore, their Perfectly Imperfect Program is all about slightly blemished packaging, but the product inside is perfect. They embrace the “near-perfect” products as a Certified Zero Emission Materials facility.


Colorful array of tubes on a wooden shelf

6. The Ayurveda Experience

What really catches the eye about The Ayurveda Experience is the vibrant and beautiful packaging. They base their formulations and ingredients from the 5,000-years-old natural system of medicine originating in India called Ayurveda. Therefore, they have a holistic approach in hair care, body care and skin care that is all 100% natural. 

Kitao display of skincare products

7. Kitao

Kitao not only has been around since 1919, but their clean and natural skincare products are made out of matcha. Specifically, organic, ECOCERT-certified and ethically-sourced matcha from Kyoto, Japan. If you’re new to J-beauty, their blend of matcha, chia seeds, acai and quinoa not only packs your skin with antioxidants but is safe on all skin types.    

A collection of teal Fortify+ products

8. Klar & Co

As a whole, Klar & Co is all about clean beauty that is 100% vegan with biodegradable minimal packaging printed with soy ink where possible. They strive to reduce their carbon footprint not only in their brand but in the lifecycle of their products. They especially highlight inclusivity and encourage diversity, which is probably why their Fortify+ is suitable for a range of unique skins. Fortify+ is also packed with zeolite, a volcanic mineral, and reduces the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.  

Four white Zoe packaging boxes

9. Zoe

Zoe is a Black woman-led company by CEO Linda Sarpong, a pharmacist and dermatology specialist among her many accolades. Their plant-based, superfood-packed formulas are responsibly sourced to a gold standard (seen on their packaging). As a result, the creams repair, replenish and restore your skin health without parabens. Plus, the glass bottles not only extend shelf life but are free of microplastics.  

A tiered, clear display with varying products at each level

10. Simpure

With the happy combination of nature and science, Simpure skin care products are gentle on the skin and on Earth. The company started after Founder Annabell Catania was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer from the daily use of antiperspirants. With Catania now in remission, what started as just a deodorant quickly snowballed into a full line of clean beauty and body products.  

Two skincare boxes displayed in front of a display honeycomb

11. Symphony Beauty

Symphony Beauty skincare essentials were inspired by nature. Not only does the company hope to be affordable, but they also provides safe and high-quality products that are 90% to 100% natural with a non-toxic formula. Also, they are a Veteran-owned brand that gives back a percentage to our troops. 

Three blue serum bottles on a slab of wood

12. Passport to Organics

Not only a vegan brand, Passport to Organics produces small batches of creams and serums made in USDA-Certified facilities. Their green chemistry and ethically-sourced products are perfect for skin blemishes, pores, anti-aging, redness and dryness. In addition, the hyaluronic acid serum only has four ingredients: organic aloe, hyaluronic acid, gluconolactone and sodium benzoate. 

A glass jar and a glass bottle in a cardboard box

13. Majen

Chilean-based Majen is certified by PETA as cruelty-free in its connection of people with their bodies and the environment around them. In detail, everything from the containers and packaging to their formulas is handcrafted and inspired by the Ancient Valdivian Forest in Chile. Therefore, they commit to its protection and preservation by contributing a percentage back and producing their products in the same ethical line of care. 

Notable mentions 

14. HAAN

Hello, refillable products are here to stay and HAAN not only has refillable toothpaste but hand care and body care, too. Their recyclable packaging is filled with clean ingredients and 20% of their profits fund wells and clean water in developing countries.


Black and family-owned business LLHOMD provides skin and hair care that celebrates natural beauty and women of color. With each family member’s name making up the letters in the company’s name, their products are made from natural ingredients, including pomegranate, prickly pear, aloe, avocado and lavender.

16. Luck CBD

Luck CBD has CBD infused in hair care and all-over care that are never tested on animals and is THC-free. Another key point, their ingredients are all readable: CBD, organic pea sprout extract, argan oil, jojoba oil, MCT oil and essential oils. 

17. Isntree

Isntree is a Korean beauty brand that supports and holds campaigns for the underprivileged, women and people with disabilities. In addition, their packaging is FSC-Certified renewable and recyclable.

Photography by Delaney Tran