Last week we reported on the EPA’s upcoming plans to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Yesterday 18 United States governors including Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty sent a letter to the EPA to protest the upcoming regulations. The governors are worried about the EPA’s ability to properly oversee the regulations as well as the potential cost on industry and the states’ governments in light of our frail economy.

As it stands the EPA regulation is for polluters over 75,000 tons of carbon per year. Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator, announced the new plan last week and pushed the regulation to start in 2011 to give businesses and utilities time to prepare. Under the new law polluters will be overseen by the EPA and the government agency will make sure they are using the latest technology to do everything they can to limit emissions. There are plans in the house and senate by congresspeople on both sides to stop the law entirely or to push its implementation back.

As always the law is caught in a rift between the right and the left. The left is saying that in order to further energy innovation and regulate climate change, regulations are neccessary. The right, as seen in the governor’s letter, is saying that any regulation whatsoever will be harmful to the economy and hinder the state governments with extra work.

Via The Wall Street Journal