A young Caribbean inventor aims to revolutionize the air freshener industry. AirX, Kephra Grandison’s sustainable household air freshener, will use all natural essential oils to make the scent of your space refreshing. This week, Grandison is launching his Kickstarter campaign to refine his invention, taking it from shell prototype to market-ready product.

“Not everyone can put solar panels on their roofs, but with AirX everyone has the opportunity to save the environment from tons of plastic waste as a result of one-time use aerosols,” Grandison said.

A diagram of the AirX canister

The problem with commercial air fresheners and aerosol cans

Aerosol cans are so much a part of life that most people hardly think about them. In fact, 300 million single-use aerosols are purchased each year in America alone. Not only can they cause explosions when punctured, most cannot be reused. This adds to the general horror of human-generated waste, with cans and many plastic particles floating in the oceans, corrupting soil quality, polluting the air with dangerous chemicals and destroying animal habitats.

Unfortunately, many air freshener brands add to the aerosol can problem. Of course, we want our houses to smell good. But at what price to our health and planet?

Solution: AirX

The design and components of AirX solve the troubles with aerosol cans through a genius innovative construction. It is an ultimate product combining the sustainability of the diffuser with the mobility of the aerosol can in an all-in-one product.

The refillable air freshener has two components. 1) You unscrew the bottom, fill it with ordinary tap water, then screw it back together. 2) The top component contains three essential oil cartridges. 

The magic happens in an interior mixing station for essential oils and water. When you press the trigger, AirX draws the water from the bottom of the device, sucks it upward through a pipe, mixes it with natural essential oil and releases a fragrant burst through the nozzle. Instantly your room is refreshed and your spirit is lifted.

One of AirX’s coolest features is that you can rotate the device to choose between three different scents. You may need an energizing scent in the morning or a calming scent to wind down at night. With its multi-scent cartridge, the AirX is like having three air fresheners in one.

An 18-year-old man wearing a white shirt with black bottoms standing beside a pool and spraying from a white canister

Meet the young inventor from Nevis

As Grandison’s Kickstarter campaign launches, it’s hard to believe he’s only eighteen years old. But the brilliant teenager has already experienced enough to raise his awareness of climate change and the problems of plastic waste disposal.

Grandison grew up on a farm on the small Caribbean island of Nevis, which is the smaller of two islands forming the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Only about 12,000 people live on Grandison’s home island. Nevis has escaped many unattractive aspects of 21st century life (i.e. damaging ocean habitats and causing harm to the economies agricultural component) but it cannot hide from sea rise, temperature increase and extreme weather. According to World Bank stats, Nevis is already facing climate impacts.

So it’s no wonder Grandison is climate conscious. Now a college student in Canada, he’s spent summers working on sustainable farms and solar panel rigs. And he’s always been a maverick with excellent problem solving abilities with a knack for invention. He aims to better the world by inventing innovative and sustainable products while keeping the planet happy, too.

“Since a young age, my creativity has been vivid,” Grandison said. “Now as I am getting older, I realize that my ideas can be put to work and make me a living.”

Kickstarter for fresher air

Grandison made a short video to explain AirX and his Kickstarter campaign. The handsome young inventor looked relaxed and confident as he explained his dream, with a backdrop of the palm trees and lush vegetation of his Caribbean home. He used a whiteshell prototype to demonstrate how AirX will work.

“The purpose of the AirX is to combine the efficiency and mobility of the aerosol and to eliminate the one-time-use plastics within the aerosol and combine that with the diffusers sustainability and efficiency, to make an ultimate product,” Grandison explained in the video. “With your funding, I will be able to build the final shelf product and then bring it to market and sell it to the entire world, allowing everybody to support the environment by having a sustainable, efficient, recyclable, essential oil air freshener that can benefit the environment and themselves as well.”

Once he has the final shelf product ready, he’ll do a second funding round for mass production, manufacturing and marketing. With Grandison’s help, we’ll never again have to choose between the environment and a marvelously scented house. You can support Grandison’s Kickstarter here.

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Images via AirX and Pexels